• Sabra Fence®
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
  • ASF Sabra Electronic Perimeter Fence
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ASF Sabra Fence® – Advanced Perimeter Detection

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ASF Sabra® Fence is a new and innovative perimeter protection system combining cutting edge electronics and complex mathematical algorithms to create a highly sensitive and sophisticated detection medium with environment cancelling controls.

For advanced perimeter detection, the ASF Sabra® Fence system uses innovative technology in its multiple sensing transducers. The system can be added onto any fence, wall or perimeter infrastructure. The ASF Sabra Fence provides excellent detection resolution within each sensor in the chain.

  • Car yards
  • Correctional facilities
  • Private properties
  • Airports
  • Electrical Substations
  • Commercial Sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Government and Military Sites

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Sabra Brochure


Sabra® Chain Datasheet
Sabra Fence® ICAP Module Datasheet
Sabra® Hub Datasheet


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Case Study:

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ASF Sabra Fence® for Perimeter Detection

The Sabra Fence® System Identifies intrusion attempts by sensing movement in the supporting structure using MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System) technology. Sensors are typically spaced 5 meters apart (3 meter spacing also possible) and detection occurs at the each sensor. The digitized response is then analysed by complex mathematical algorithms to distinguish between true attacks, random false alarms or environmental events.

The ASF Sabra Fence® System utilizes a x86 based computer running optimized Windows XP or Windows 7 with a colour graphical display showing the current state and alarms of each sensor. The display is overlaid onto customized client-oriented maps/images so the user can easily identify the exact location of detected event. Via an external interface, PTZ cameras or lighting can be activated to give real time visual confirmation of the event that triggered the system.

The system uses a modular approach to perimeter security; sensors are encapsulated along a combined power and communications cable. Within each sensor is a power conditioning circuit, microprocessor, sensing elements and communications bus requirements. Each sensor is individually calibrated to allow unique interaction for event detection, parameter setting, and sensitivity. This will allow a single Sabra fence® Sensor chain to span multiple substrate materials within the same chain length. For example, a chain may be run out of an office building constructed of prefabricated aluminium foam paneling, onto the adjacent chain wire security fencing (e.g. Corromesh®), across/under a gate, and then onto a concrete block/brick wall. It may then continue via a high security welded mesh (e.g. Securemax®) or palisade inner high security area, before finishing up on the inside of a solid concrete vault. Each sensor of this theoretical perimeter is as sensitive as the next due the unique calibration that each receive.

In order to distinguish between types of events (i.e. intruder, false alarm, environmental event), the ASF Sabra Fence® algorithm has a multilevel approach to detecting and calculating collected data. The system uses a complex sequence analysis and detailed statistical mathematics to determine unique events that may be of a lower amplitude signal hidden within a noisy fence line, i.e.  a ladder placed on the fence on a windy day.

For most applications, installation of an ASF SabraFence® is a relatively fast and simple. Sensors are specially shaped to allow mechanical fastening via a bolt and nut, screw or similar. Where appropriate, sensors can also be affixed to a structure using ties.

Some Additional Features of the Sabra Fence® System are:

  • Sensors that detects unusual changes in temperature.
  • A magnetic sensor for use at gates and crossing points.
  • Smart patrol recording – identifies guards passing each sensor through selection and recording on the control unit.

The ASF Sabra Fence® hub unit software performs several operations in parallel:

  • Scanning the sensors in the chain, receiving a report about the condition of all the sensors
  • Reporting events to various external units such as alarm systems, dry contacts or communications components
  • Displays the status of the sensors on the local user interface
  • Simultaneous recording of events on demand

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