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  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
  • Corromesh Anti-Climb Mesh Security Fencing
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  • Corromesh Anti-climb security fencing

Corromesh® 358 Wire Mesh Fencing | Security Fence, Mesh Products

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The contemporary Corromesh® security fencing gives a smooth traditional corrugated appearance while maintaining the strong security characteristics of an anti-climb mesh fencing product.

  • Park and waterway fencing
  • Council depots
  • Government utilities such as water, electricity, gas and rail facilities
  • Bridges
  • Industrial developments
  • Factory Machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • Corromesh® 358 gates
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Balustrades Security Fence and many other Commercial/Industrial Security Fence uses

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The ribbed design of Corromesh® 358 is what gives it its strength

Recently, Australian Security Fencing recognised that the security fencing market needed a new product that had similar strength and durability to high-security current wire mesh fencing but required the use of less steel. In response, ASF developed Corromesh® 358 to meet the needs of the Australian market.

With no foot or hand holes, along with an additional spiked top, Corromesh® 358 strongly discourages climbing. It provides a higher level of anti-climb security than any other product in its price range and yet has a pleasant appearance making it a suitable option for most security applications. It is available in either a zinc alloy finish or in a huge array of powder coated colour finishes.

Corromesh® 358 fence panels are formed by inserting a continuous wave evenly over the width and length of the welded mesh sheet. The system uses double C section adjustable posts with specific tamper proof security fixings and clips. Securemax® 358 security wire mesh fencing is available in single or double skin for ultimate protection. All gates and accessories, together with an Electric Detection System (EDS) make a total security fencing package.

Although Corromesh® 358 has a smooth corrugated profile and by careful design and manufacturing, ASF has been able to maintain the 71mm x 9mm visual mesh aperture. The horizontal corrugations in the fence panels give the fencing system a stylish and distinctive appearance yet allow high levels of transparency. Visual sight lines are therefore unaffected, whilst maintaining the penetration difficulty with conventional hand tools. This is a plus when it comes to using the fencing system in conjunction with cameras or other surveillance equipment.

ASF are industry leaders in high-security fencing and perimeter control systems. Our experienced and highly-qualified team will offer you a comprehensive and professional service. Contact us today to secure your property!


The ribbed design of Corromesh® 358 is what gives it its strength. This Profile makes it an ideal product to use where a strong yet simple appearance is required. These ribs also allow Corromesh® 358 to be stepped evenly over uneven landscapes to provide a continuous uninterrupted fence line. TotalFencing System The Corromesh® 358 fence panels can be affixed with a number of different fasteners dependant on the security level required and the corrugations provide security protection for the post fixings. The Corromesh® 358 Fencing Systemcomes complete with Engineered Posts, and all suitable fittings to cater for even the most torturous fence lines. Due to the increased strength of the profile, top and bottom rails are not required. This reduction in steel significantly reduces the overall cost of the Corromesh® 358 Fencing System. The sheets are able to be overlapped in any direction to form a continuous layer or fencing.Unique to ASF Fencing Systems is the two additional reinforcement edge wires located 37.5mm from the edge of each panel. This provides for easy adjustment of panel widths and increased security around the fixings. The finger/toe-proof mesh aperture makes for a totally secure fencing system that's difficult to cut or climb whilst maintaining a clear level of sight through the horizontal aperture from any angle. Corromesh® 358 has a naturally spiked top; this can be reinforced if required with the optional additions of Barbwire, Razor wire, or EDS (Electric Detection System). Corromesh® 358 stacks and packs neatly for ease of handling, storage and delivery.