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Forcefield® Electric Security Fence System | Commercial Fencing

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Forcefield® uses the world’s leading technology in electric fence systems. It features a full live wire fencing system, Multi Zone Intelligent Controllers, dual levels of detection, high-low voltage monitoring and full back up protection, all programmable through a LCD keypad.

The Forcefield® electric fence system can be used in conjunction with high-security fencing such as Securemax®, with the Sabra® detection system, and with a full perimeter control system.

Unique Systems Capabilities
  • Fence Zoning
  • Full Live Wire Fences
  • LCD Keypads and
  • Selectable Zone Control
  • Hi-Low Voltage Monitoring
  • Pulse Synchronisation
  • Smart Battery Backup
  • Digital Voltage Display
  • Purpose built design

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Forcefield® Perimeter Control software
Forcefield® HIGH SECURITY Controller
Forcefield® Active self-test
Forcefield® Network module
Forcefield® keypad
Forcefield® Anti-tamper springs
Forcefield® Gate switches
Forcefield® Leadout cable twin
Forcefield® Ethernet IO boards
Forcefield® Warning Signs
Forcefield® Crimps


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The system includes between 1-1000, two channel ForceField® controllers and a keypad. Applications can include a maximum of 2000 individual electric fence zones or 1000 full live wire dual detection fence zones. Regulated pulses are monitored for cut, short, climb, tamper and cross coupling. Touching the electric fence will provide a short, sharp, safe electric shock. Each electric fence zone may be configured to monitor in Low Voltage mode providing monitoring of the electric fence integrity during normally disarmed time periods.


The ForceField® control units provide a unique ability to detect cross coupling of any two zones. This feature allows for every wire in the fencing system to not only be monitored but also provides a backup system should one zone be attacked i.e. a full live wire electric fence system provides two levels of detection.


Each ForceField® channel or zone may be armed individually in both high voltage and low voltage modes. This allows for total control for accessing or servicing of individual areas around the electric fence site.

The intelligent LCD keypad displays information regarding all programmable options of the ForceField® controller. It offers features such as arming/disarming the electric fence, area control and the display of real time voltage.


Each of the ForceField® controller components have been designed specifically for the function it performs, optimising the system for ease of use, installation and service throughout its life span.


  • Full live wire fences with two levels of alarm.
  • Low Power mode for continuous electric fence monitoring.
  • Fully integrated up to 2000 zones.
  • RS485 via RJ12 (telecom connector) for LCD keypad.
  • LCD Keypad for installation configuration and user display and control.
  • Three isolated remote control inputs.
  • Five user assignable relays which default to useable options.
  • Expansion header for RF link and other future options.
  • 0 joules output energy per channel.
  • Selectable Zone Control.
  • Pulse synchronisation.
  • Industrial wall mounting IP55 polycarbonate case large enough to include 7aH battery. Dry contact alarm relays with both changeover contacts available.
  • Many digitally adjustable parameters including electric fence voltage alarm level via optional user keypad.
  • Fail-safe relays (General and Fence relays are normally energised to indicate a “no alarm” condition).
  • Integrated battery charger for un-interruptible operation from a backup 12V battery.
  • AC fail, Low Battery and Bad Battery detection.
  • Alarm log event register.
  • Adjustable energiser power output level.
  • Inbuilt enclosure tamper detection.

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