Security Fencing Projects

A fence is meant to keep unathorised persons things from crossing the boundary into or out of a bound area. Therefore, the design of he fence to use on specific security fencing projects should depend on the probability that whatever is being restricted will try to forcefully cross the fence. Australian Security fencing (ASF) has been on the forefront for over to decades in putting up evolutionary fences that serve the purpose of specific establishment and times.
Fencing for utilities
Utilities need to pose a picture of being welcoming yet at the same time discourage misuse of he said facility. Take for example a public park. While it is for use by the people, the very people should be discouraged from , say, walking on non-designated paths or entering the park through the hedges. Australian Security fencing has designs for such facilities that are boh effective for purpose, and safe for the utility users in the event of an accident.
Fencing for infrastructure
Fences for infrastructure should be set in such a way that they do not in any way interfere with the working of he infrastructure itself. If it is a plant for example, the fence design should no in any way hinder operations by blocking waves, causing reactions or such other structural shortcomings. We make i our business to find out the needs of every type of infrastructure, and create accordingly.
Fencing in defence/ correctional facilities
Such facilities will always have people trying to push the fence to the limit. Again, such fences are normally away from areas of daily operations, so any tampering may not be noticed immediately. ASF thus creates fence designs that discourage tampering in the fast place, while a the same time strong enough to withstand the actions of the outrageous, at least long enough for those in charge to notice. Our work with clients like the Department of Defence underlines our ability in this area.
Commercial fencing
Commercial fences require fences that while providing security do not send out a picture of fortresses to potential business doers. As such, their fences should be both strong and attractive. This is another area perfected by ASF.
Export fencing
Our dominance in the home market has led to demand for our products even outside Australia. We are thus continually doing research in these markets soas to provide designs not just suited for the Australian market, but also custom designs to serve the foreign markets interested in our services.