Dec 1, 2016 in Bollards, Gates & Turnstiles
Electric Fence Australia

electric fence australia

Considering An Electric Fence? Australia Provides Significant Security Challenges And A Simple Solution

Australian Security Fencing understands that your business is your livelihood.  That’s why they focus on your unique needs and provide custom solutions to any fencing requirement.  Australian Security Fencing uses Forcefield fencing elements and controllers because of their known reputation for being the highest quality products available. When it comes to installing an electric fence, Australia is the perfect environment with its vast expanses posing significant security and containment challenges.

Australian Security Fencing are the comprehensive electric fencing experts and have seen it all.  Whether you require a ready-made kit, upgraded components or a custom installation, they have years of experience and are can answer any questions.  Take a look at some of the different solutions they can provide.

Protect Pets

Electric fences are the perfect solution to livestock containment as well as common household pets.  The Forcefield Outdoor Pet Fence allows your pet to roam freely without any need for restrictive chains or ropes.  Underground wires are used to define the boundary and a small transmitter sends a constant signal through the wire.

Sensors emit an audible signal if the animals approaches the boundary.  If they keep proceeding, a very mild electronic stimulation is administered.  The fence is made specifically for domestic animal containment and won’t cause any pain to your pet.  Once your pet is trained, the inner boundary zone reminds it of its confines without administering any electronic stimulation.

Contain Cattle and Horses

There are several fencing options available for cattle.  The type you choose will depend on factors such as expense, location and the number of cattle. Electric fences can be used as perimeter fencing to keep your livestock safe, as division within a feedlot or even rotational grazing. Electric fencing is also an effective and economical way to contain horses.  It can be used up as a convenient temporary containment fence, or with existing fencing, giving you an inexpensive semi-permanent electric fence.

Temporary electric fencing can also be used in grazing or even for keeping horses safe from treacherous areas or each other.  Because of its light weight, it can be easily carried on treks or to equestrian events and provide temporary containment.

Keep Out Predators And Thieves

Because of some nitwit in the 19th century who fancied a bit of hunting, decades before the invention of the electric fence, Australia now has a fox problem.  In recent years, electric fencing has become a popular solution to livestock protection and well as solving business security headaches.

As well as keeping predators out, an electric fence is an effective deterrent against vandals and thieves.  Australian Security Fencing can provide you with a solution to any situation from 10 feet free standing electric fences installed inside your existing yard, to pulsed security “always on” fencing that is impossible to scale or cut.

Confused about your fencing requirements?  Australian Security Fencing can provide you with a simple solution today!  Call them on 02 4577 9633 or email