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Importance Of Security Industrial Fencing

Industrial fence security is one of the most ideal approaches to give security to the property of a proprietor and even to keep up some protection of a business or industrial property. At the present time, there is a need of security industrial fencing in current business and industrial areas. Each business owner needs to pull out all the stops to keep his area safe. There are various assortments of fences available through Australian Security Fencing. A few security industrial fencing types available are:

  • Securemax Fencing
  • Croc-Top Fencing
  • Razor Tape
  • Corromesh Fencing

What Is Security Industrial Fencing For?

Security fencing can be used to protect a property or equipment in an industrial area. It can be used to keep intruders out or sometimes, in the case of prison fencing, to stop people from getting out. Security fencing is simply that… security fencing.

It is additionally helpful in keeping the stray creatures out of your commercial or industrial areas where it may be dangerous for them to venture, or even ventures wonderful greenery enclosure which is brimming with flawless and excellent blossoms.

Fences allow you to easily care for your property or assets by easily keeping out unwanted predators, or people who aim to vandalise the area.

It essential gives fence security to the property from any action.

The above reason are simply a portion of the basic and known employments of fence security. As we examined that there are assortments of fences are accessible in the business sector, you can pick according to your financial plan and longing. Every kind of fence is not the same as one another and has its diverse advantages and disadvantages.

Sorts of Industrial Fences

Securemax High Security Fence

Securemax is uniquely Australian made. This high security fencing provides an anti-climb, anti-penetrate barrior with a virtually see through appearance which will blend into the surrounding environment. This also comes in an extra heavy duty option for even more high security protection.

Corromesh High Security Fencing

Corromesh fencing has a smooth traditional corrugated appearance. It was the result of Australian Security Fencing experts realising that a new products with high strength was required while using less steel in the manufacturing of the product. Corromesh has quickly become a premium alternative to tubular and palisade fencing. There are no foot or hand holes in the wire making it difficult to climb and with a spiked top, it discourages any attempt of climbing.

Croc Top Security Fence

Croc Top fencing is a simple and low cost adaptable fence topping. This fence topping will help to discourage intruders from attempting to climb over a fence or wall. Its anti-grab spike makes any attempt to jump over or scale the fence very painful and extremely difficult.

Razor Tape Security Fencing

Razor Tape fencing is a tried and proven anti climb barrier security fence. The fencing is fabricated with razor sharp steel blades making it frightening to any intruder. The fence is easy to install and not only acts as a physical barrier but also a visual deterrent. Razor Tape is often used as a fence topping in conjunction with other high security fencing making the fencing even more secure than ever.

Forcefield Electric Security Fencing

Forcefield provides the world’s leading technology in electric fence systems. The Forcefield electric security fencing features a full live wire fencing system, multi zone intelligent controllers, dual levels of detection, high low voltage monitoring and full back up protection. All of this is simply programmable through an LCD keypad.

ASF Sabra Perimeter Security Fence

The Sabra system is a new and innovative perimeter protection system. This sytem combines cutting edge electronics and complex mathematical algorithms to create a highly sensitive and sophisticated detection medium. The Sabra Fence has multiple sensing transducers and uses cutting edge technology to keep your property safe from intruders. Installation of this type of security fencing system is relatively fast and simple for most applications.


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