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Bristorm Beam

  • Tested to BSI PAS 68
  • Industry Leading – low penetration
  • of 0.3m with zero debris
  • Shallow foundation of 500mm at
  • each end only
  • Surface mounted line posts – or
  • shallow beam of 250mm if required
  • Economical and robust alternative
  • to fence and bollards
  • Fast installation with reduced civils


Combined beam and rope technology. Shallow and surface mount. Bristorm Beam uses combined technologies of rope and specially developed beam. This system consists of shallow end foundations of just 500mm deep and line posts then can be surface or shallow mounted into a 250mm deep ground beam. It is ideal when underground services are present and if a penetration of less than 1 metre is required to mitigate a 7,500Kg truck travelling at 30mph. With zero major debris and a corrugated beam profile, it can be appropriately installed into heavily built up locations thus ensuring the protection of pedestrians and asset throughout, e.g. Industrial yards or distribution sites.

Shallow and surface mount, tensioned HVM barrier offers 0.3 metre penetration by a 7,500Kg truck travelling at 30mph. Suitably installed across industrial sites and Critical National Infrastructure where underground services are present. Quick installation and reliable performance.

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