Sep 1, 2018 in Mesh Fencing
What’s The Best Type Of Fencing For Bridges, Bike Paths And Waterways?

In many of the cities and towns of Australia we are fortunate enough to have beautiful bike paths and walkways. They are perfect for people of all ages; families with children through to retirees. Bike paths and walkways encourage activity and promote fitness and health in a society dominated by technology. As such, most councils are making space in their annual budgets to include bike paths and walkways. In cities, there are many bike paths being erected alongside major roads and highways.

The utilisation of road corridors can be a convenient way to erect new infrastructure but does present some safety issues. Due to this, bike paths and walkways are often elevated on bridges to provide separation between pedestrians and traffic Another consideration for footpaths and bike paths is that they cross over streams, creeks, and rivers. Although this makes for lovely scenery which encourages visitors, it also comes with inherent hazards. One of the best solutions for this dilemma is fencing. Simple and affordable, it’s a wonderful way to provide protection along bridges and waterways.

Australian Security Fencing supplies one of the most practical and versatile fences for waterways and bridges. Corromesh 358 has many benefits that make it a perfect solution, not only for councils and governments but also for commercial clients.

Here’s some of the top benefits of Corromesh 358:

  • Tamper proof self-drilling screws that make restricting access easy.
  • Anti-climb – Corromesh 358 offers an anti-climb composition which keeps pedestrians on the right side of the fence.
  • Variety of panel sizes – The Corromesh 358 panels come in a variety of sizes from 1.8 metres high to 2.4 metres high. This allows for the smallest panels to be used to ensure fencing is fit for purpose without posing unnecessary obstruction of the surrounding area. For bridges, taller panels would be the most suitable option.
  • Excellent visibility through panels – due to the panel construction, Corromesh 358 provides one of the best solutions for security. Corromesh 358 will not obscure visibility so Fixed security cameras will be able to clearly record footage.
  • Customisable – Available in a wide range of colours to seamlessly blend into any environment. It is available in a zinc alloy or powder coated so you can obtain a finish that may blend in with existing fencing or infrastructure.
  • Corrosion resistant construction which means asset longevity and value for money. For waterways near the coast, Corromesh 358 is proven to last 3 times longer than regular galvanised fencing. This is particularly beneficial for council and government applications where longevity and value are paramount.

Corromesh 358 maintains a sleek design whilst visually discouraging climbing or penetration. It provides division between pedestrians and traffic, and considerable heights keeping motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safe from harm. Additionally, Corromesh 358 fencing can incorporate gates so access can be gained to restricted access for maintenance or emergency services.

For the best solutions for bridges and waterways, talk to the experts at Australian Security Fencing on 1800 666 927.