Sep 19, 2018 in Mesh Fencing
Heavy Duty Perimeter Security Systems For Your Workplace

It’s worth too much.  Not only in monetary terms but in invested time, effort and stress too…

There are some things in life you can’t afford to be casual about, and business security is one of them. And the fact is that today’s criminals have become a high-tech and sophisticated bunch. Using well-planned and well-practised techniques, they’ve found ways to bypass traditional security measures and slip in undetected…

When it comes to security, you have to work from the outside in.  And that means starting with first-rate perimeter security systems.  Systems that have been proven to work; systems that are tougher than those would-be intruders.

Generally speaking, a highly protected business property uses multiple levels of perimeter control to achieve total security:

  • Securemax 338/358 Mesh Fencing

The obvious place to start is the initial fencing structure itself.  This needs to be strong, robust and tamperproof if you are going to stop those shady characters from just walking in (or out, depending on the application).

Australian Security Fencing has set the mark high with their unique Securemax® Mesh Fencing: a tough, anti-penetrative and anti-climb security barrier that is second to none!  Tamper-proof security fixings make removing panels or posts basically impossible with regular hand tools, while the open mesh profile maintains maximum visibility from both sides of the fence.  Tried and proven in a wide range of situations across the country and overseas, Securemax® performs perfectly every time!

Perimeter Security Systems

  • ASF Sabra Fence

Sabra Fence® takes your security fence up another level: when it comes to innovative and high-tech perimeter security systems, this one is right up there.  The system comprises a series of highly sophisticated sensors connected to a combined power and communications cable.  The system can be fitted to any existing fencing structure and is so powerful that it has the ability to differentiate between genuine intrusion and false alarm.  Any attempted intrusion is detected and immediately reported to a central monitoring system where action can be taken.

  • Razar Tape

In some situations, a fence topper is considered necessary to ensure that nobody enters or exits the property by means of scaling the fence.  If you want a product that really works, look no further than Razar Tape®.  It’s strong; it’s robust, and it’s made to do the job properly.  Sharp metal barbs attached to a sturdy steel cable ensure that climbing the fence is a formidable and painful process!

  • Access Control

Controlling the access points of your premises is extremely important when setting up quality perimeter security systems.  By limiting access to licensed personnel, you can majorly reduce the likelihood of criminals entering via the gates.  Card swipe, keypad, and biometric recognition systems are all ways of monitoring and recording who enters and exits the property 24/7.

At Australian Security Fencing, we’re serious about the safety of your business.  Call us today for a chat with one of our team: we’ve got solutions to protect you and your assets from harm.