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Darwin’s Waterfront precint hardens infrastructure, whilst maintaining historic aesthetics.

Darwin’s Waterfront Precint, known for offering a holiday lifestyle providing unique tropical climate and leisurely pace, much loved by Top Enders and toursits alike. The Saltwater Lagoon and Harbour views can be enjoyed whilst indulging in world class dining options.

Manufactured from Stainless Steel and Hot Dip Galvanised finishes, the OzTime PDT1200 automatic high-security retractable bollards are right at home in this stylish setting. Designed as an array of fixed and automatic retractable bollards, the system is designed to withstand impact from any direction and for the Darwin Waterfront project, they were specifically engineered to the PAS68 rating; 7500kg’s at 80km/ph. To achieve this level of performance, a heavily steel reinforced concrete footing and control infrastructure was required to be installed.

The installation works for this project were undertaken by a suitable qualified local Darwin company; Totem Fencing. ASF/OzTime manufacture both style of bollard, steel reinforcing, sub terrain water management systems, automation and control equipment all from our Western Sydney based manufacturing facility, pre-assembled and ready for installation on site. The products manufactured with lifting points and plug and play connections for ease of onsite installation.

The installation component of the Darwin Waterfront Bollards Project was completed in 8 working days whilst continuing to accommodate the needs of the adjacent restaurants, cafes and accommodation providers. Since the inception of Oztime in the ASF Group, the PDT1200 bollards have proven to be the most specified and utilised retractable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation product in the Australiasian market. PDT1200 retractable bollards have been operating in Australia for over 30 years and undoubtedly the most robust, reliable and versatile bollard on the market. ASF/Oztime carry PDT1200 bollards in stock at all times.

For all enquiries or further information, please contact the ASF or Oztime Technologies Sales Team through our website details.

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