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Protecting Your Property

Australian Security Fencing has more than 25 years experience protecting and securing properties, both in Australia and overseas. ASF design, manufacture and install perimeter security systems that integrate heavy-duty anti-climb mesh fencing, fencing toppings (croc top and razor wire), electric fence systems and intruder detection. Our designers create fully integrated systems that are custom-build to our clients’ specifications – because our commitment is to finding solutions that work!

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  • Securemax Heavy-Duty, Anti-Climb Security Fencing
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Security Fencing

ASF offer anti-climb and heavy-duty mesh fencing that is built to protect your property, assets and your staff from security breaches. Our commitment is to provide products and services that instill confidence in our clients. We take a whole-of-project approach, maintaining our high-level of design expertise and service across the entire lifespan of the project. Our technical support team also ensure that your security needs continue to be met well after the completion of the project.


Your security is our priority.






Detection Systems


Electronic detection systems improve the security of a perimeter fence, and they act as an additional deterrent to those wanting to breech property boundaries. Detection systems can incorporate electric fences, and electronic sensors that can isolate the location of the breech – activating alarms, lighting and camera surveillance. These systems can be added to existing perimeter fences, and can be integrated into an intelligent Perimeter Control System. ASF works closely with clients to create customised, and fully-integrated perimeter protection system.






Enhanced Protection

In high-security settings, additional barriers can further protect your property and staff. ASF designs and installs highly-effective and heavy-duty anti-climb barriers that act as visual deterrents as well as physical barriers. These barriers can be incorporated into an existing security fence, or can be integrated into a new perimeter fencing solution.





Entry Points

ASF has a great range of vehicle and pedestrian gates, and turnstiles to assist with traffic flow and to provide secure access. Our gates and turnstiles can be retro-fitted or integrated into a custom-designed perimeter fence. ASF are committed to providing clients with entry/exit solutions that offer secure and orderly access to your facility or venue, while considering the special mobility needs of users. Our goal is to protect safety of your staff and visitors.




We design and install fully-integrated perimeter protection solutions, and we are committed to protecting your interests.

Contact ASF today to discuss perimeter fencing and perimeter protection systems that offer you a fully-integrated security solution.

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