Mar 5, 2018 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
5 Features Of The Sabra Fence® System

It’s not hard to think of many situations that call for high security.  Unfortunately, our communities are’t always those picture-perfect places that we’d like them to be.  And the reality is that we need to protect ourselves and our interests from the threats that exist out there…

History shows us that perimeter fences have long been employed as an effective strategy for security (breath easy – we’re not proposing building a Great Wall of China around your property!).  Perimeter fences not only define the boundary, but they provide that first physical and physiological barrier that ‘sets the stage’ for security.  It’s the first obstacle or challenge that has to be defeated by either an intruder or an escapee…

Introducing the Sabra Fence!

The mere presence of a fence is often enough to deter trouble.  But nevertheless, there are some determined minds out there, and sometimes a second (or even a third) strategy becomes necessary to prevent them.  The ASF Sabra Fence® is an excellent choice – its the first Multiple Sensing Transducer for perimeter detection.  Right up there with the cutting edge of technology, this system has been developed and perfected to provide top-notch security for high risk sites.  It comprises a system of fully encapsulated transducers which record and transmit data to one central hub, where it can be analyzed.

Here are 5 things you should know about Sabra Fence® Systems:

1.Easy installation

Sabra Fence® is easy to install and can be retro-fitted to your existing security fence system.

2. Temperature control

Sabra Fence® has a unique temperature sensor capability that detects any unusual change in temperature.  This means that any human contact with the fence, or efforts to penetrate it using heat will be transmitted, and raise alarm.

3. Great for large areas

With a span capability of over 2000 meters and 500 sensors from a single point, Sabra Fence® is an obvious security option for effective and accurate control of large areas.

4. Cost-effective

Security always comes at a price, but this option is a very cost-effective method of protecting your property, especially if the area is large.  Because it can be retro-fitted, you can install this excellent system on your existing fence, wall or perimeter structure and save yourself a pretty penny.

5. Accurate recording

Signals received from the sensors along the length of the fence are converted into accurate, real-life data that can be easily viewed by the end user.

The Sabra Fence® System has proved itself time and again, to be a highly effective option for high-security facilities such as airports, correctional facilities, and industrial sites.

Effective high security systems require the expertise and skill of a professional team.  A team such as Australian Security Fencing.  With over 25 years in the industry, we’ve got what it takes to set you up with a system that will protect you and your interests – and more than that, give you that peace of mind, too.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 – let’s get started!