Nov 6, 2018 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
5 Reasons Why Automated Security Gates Are A Must For Your Business

Your business is a highly valuable investment of time and money. And for some business owners, it has also cost them the clichéd blood, sweat, and tears. As such, businesses need to be well protected from the risk of vandalism and theft. Vandalism and theft can leave devastating and lasting impacts on businesses of all sizes.

When it comes to physically protecting your business, one step in the direction is to explore the benefits of installing automated security gates. Here are some of the reasons why they are a must!


At the best of times opening and closing gates when you’re in a hurry is annoying. Imagine it’s Monday morning, you’re late to work and just to top it off, it’s raining cats and dogs. The whole rigmarole can turn a ‘I think I’ll survive’ kind of Monday into a ‘I wish I didn’t get out of bed’ kind of Monday. By installing an automated security gate, you can bypass the pesky annoyance of opening and closing gates. It’s the perfect solution for an extra minute’s sleep in the morning or a quick getaway on a Friday afternoon when the weekend is calling.

Automated Security Gate

Risk Management

Managing risk to your business’ property is not only about ensuring you have a high-quality security system, it’s also about the appearance of security. An automated security gate sends a certain message to the outside world which assists in discouraging less than desirable attention.

And whilst we would all love to believe our employees are perfect, the truth is no one is infallible. Unfortunately, when it comes to securing your premises for the night or the weekend, human error could result in significant losses. The automated gate can provide a simple safeguard against distracted employees and honest mistakes.

Safety & Security

Chains and padlocks can be removed by the ‘not-so-honest’ thief. However, it’s a whole different kettle of fish to dismantle an automated security gate. Here’s where the Australian Security Fencing Securemax vehicle and pedestrian gates shine. The Securemax vehicle and pedestrian gates can be retrofitted or integrated to the Securemax high-security, heavy-duty fence. This combination provides an anti-climb and anti-penetrative barrier not only around your perimeter but also at your entry/exit points.

By automating your security gates you’re adding convenience without conceding security.

White Automated Security Gate

High-quality investment

Automated gates from Australian Security Fencing are a cut above all others. Due to their quality manufacturing processes and rigorous testing they outshine all others. The finishing on ASF’s automated gates offers greater protection from the weather than your average hot dipped galvanised zinc gate. Our gates are also galvanised inside and out which prevents them from rusting internally. This means reduced fail points in the gate’s integrity, increased asset longevity and the best part…uncompromised security.


One of the reasons an automated security gate is so useful is because usually, they slide instead of swing. If you have a property or an area that has restricted space, then the neat and compact automated sliding gate is your perfect solution. Securemax automated gates can be retrofitted with many toppings and locking mechanisms dependent on your particular needs. An assortment of automation accessories can include swipe card readers, keypad entry devices, cameras, intercom access systems and remote access controllers.

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