Apr 20, 2017 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Are Electric Fences Safe For Children And Animals?

When choosing to secure your property, one of the types of fencing you may consider installing is an electric fence. Of course, as with any type of fencing, their can be some concerns and considerations to account for before deciding on which one is the best for your situation and needs. If your considering an electric fence installation here’s a few helpful tips to make sure you’ve thought about whether its the the best option for you.

A common question is safety. Are electric fences safe for my children and animals? A quick response is yes, and no. With some common sense, they can be completely safe for your children.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a electric fence.

Obviously, things like voltage will come in to play in the safety of it. As well as how many strands of the fence are electrified during the electric fence installation. If you choose to go with only a single strand being electrified and opt for only the top one, it could be simple as it is out of reach of younger children. Therefore a safer alternative, while still having an electrified fence. Teaching your children not to touch it is also a good approach, if they are of an age to understand that. Another safety measure is ensuring that your fence does not have a higher voltage running through it then is needed.

What will happen if a child does touch a electric fence?electric fence installation

Worst case scenario, if your child does touch an electric fence the most that will occur is a shock. It won’t be enough to cause permanent damage, but should be enough of a jolt to prevent them from ever touching one again.

In terms of animals, it is much the same thing as children. Animals will learn quickly that if they touch that fence, it will shock them.That is often enough of a deterrent to prevent them from contacting the electric fence again.

Electric fence installations are often used by farmer to keep their animals in contained areas. Such a widespread usage should prove well enough that yes, it is safe for animals, again with caution.

Of course, there will always be a chance of things being more dangerous. If a child or animal were to become entangled in the fencing for example, but these are rare cases. Keeping an eye on your animals and children will ensure the safety of both in regards to electric fences.

When it comes to electric fence installations, going with industry leaders will ensure that the fence is properly installed. Ensuring suitable voltages are chosen and that you have the best experience possible. For all your custom fence needs contact us here at Australian Security Fencing. We will be happy to assist you with all questions and concerns.