Dec 30, 2016 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Electric Fences- How Dangerous are They Really?

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For many people the electric fence has become a symbol of danger and, sometimes, even inhumane treatment of animals. This is mostly due to depictions in popular culture, from the classic images of peeing on the fence, to cartoon renditions of characters being burned to a crisp by touching one of the fence wires.

The truth of the matter, however, is that electric fences are much safer and humane than commonly thought, and are incapable of inflicting any serious damage, unlike barbed wire or other fencing. Whether they are being used to keep animals within a certain area, or to provide security, electric fences are quite a bit different then they are generally thought of.

What are electric fences used for?

For the most part, electric fencing is used as a means of keeping animals within a given area, whether that is horses within a field, or cowherds on a farm. While it may seem cruel to some to risk electrocuting an animal who strays to far, the truth is that the charge given by the fence is too low to cause any real harm, as any one who has ever accidently touched one of these fences will know. The electricity also travels along the fence in pulses so as to ensure that no animals will get stuck on the fence due to muscle spasms causes by the electricity that might prevent them from moving away.

These precautions work to prevent any harm, although they are generally not necessary, as most animals can sense the electricity, and will simply choose to avoid them altogether. When compared with alternatives like cattle grates or barbed wire, electric fences are a much safer and humane option when it comes to controlling animals.

Other uses for electric fencing?

The other use of electric fencing is for security. Electric fences can often be seen surrounding secure government locations, prisons, and even occasionally the perimeter of a private residence.

Again, these fences are not capable of causing serious harm, and serve only to deter would be intruders, or escaping convicts, as in the case of prisons. While electric fences capable of causing serious harm, and even death, do exist, they have only ever been used in warfare, and are never used in any other circumstances, as the purpose is not to kill or harm, but rather to secure an area.

As we can see, electric fences have been given an undeserved bad rap as dangerous and inhumane, when the truth is actually quite the opposite. Whether being used for cattle control, or prison security, electric fences provides a much safer alternative to fencing such as barbed or razor wire, and are actually incapable of causing harm, outside of a slightly painful shock, to humans or animals. Hopefully the public perception of electric fences will begin to change, as more and more people become aware of the safety and practicality of this relatively new technology. Check out our website to view our customised Electric fences.