Jun 28, 2018 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Individual Solutions For Commercial Businesses

It’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.  Businesses face different threats.   And that’s why customized security packages remain as popular as ever.  Across the country, business owners who are serious about security are proving the benefits of an integrated system that’s been designed and tailored to suit their specific needs.  Starting from the perimeter fences and working in, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your property, staff, and assets are protected 24/7, all year around.

At Australian Security Fencing, we take security seriously.  Our team of specialists is trained to collaborate with business owners and analyze the risks facing the individual business, then design, manufacture and install a completely integrated system to protect the entire property. For you as the business owner, it’s simple!  And for us, it’s what we love to do!

Perimeter Fences

Where better to start than the fence?  Obviously, it needs to be a good one: one that actually prevents unauthorized personnel entering or exiting your property.

Corromesh® 358 combines state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic appeal in one product: a high performing anti-climb, anti-penetration mesh fencing.  The traditional corrugated profile provides no foot or hand grips for climbing and its tamper-proof fixings make it extremely difficult to remove or cut using regular hand tools.

Corromesh® 358 has been designed to blend well into the commercial landscape: high levels of transparency make it a popular choice for businesses where the aesthetics are important. Available in both zinc alloy or powder-coated finishes, there’s a color to suit each and every situation!

Fence Toppers

Perimeter fencesTaking it up a notch, fence toppers provide that extra level of deterrent in higher security situations.  Razar Tape® is a genuine defense strategy that poses a serious threat to even the most hardened criminal: as its name suggests, it makes for a nasty experience for anyone who tries to scale the fence!  This strong steel cable armed with razor-sharp blades has been proven to work, time and time again.

Sabra Fence®

Sabra Fence® is a unique and innovative control system that is fitted to existing perimeter fences to provide advanced perimeter security.  It comprises a series of highly technical sensors which are encapsulated along a combined communication and power cable.  The system is so advanced that it can differentiate between environmental events, false alarm and genuine intrusion!

Access Control

Controlled access points are crucial to an effective security system.  Gates, turnstiles and internal doors can all be integrated into your complete security system, allowing management to maintain control over vehicle and pedestrian entrance into any area of the property, at all times.

It’s important that you have yourself and your business covered.  And to do it properly, it takes a specialist team such as Australian Security Fencing.  Call us today on 1800 666 927 and talk to one of our staff – you’ve got security needs: we’ve got answers!