Dec 7, 2015 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Perimeter Fence Choices

Outlining property boundaries is a major concern for property owners. Many property owners choose to define their boundaries by building fences around their property. Installing the right fencing system around your property is very important. It will not only define boundaries, but also enhance security and aesthetics. Consider installing a perimeter fence made of high quality materials so as to enjoy high security for a long time.

Perimeter Fence Choices

There are many reasons as to why people choose perimeter fencing. One of the main reasons is providing high security levels. A fence will ensure safety against theft and keep people and equipment safe. A good fence helps you enjoy privacy because it deters intruders from gaining access inside the property. You can enhance the looks of a commercial building by fitting the right high quality perimeter fencing.

Installing the right perimeter fencing system can be difficult. This is due to availability of various options in the market. Business property owners are expected to learn various features of perimeter fences before making any decision. Perimeter fences have different legal requirements and solutions based on style, design and materials. High security perimeter fences require additional measures such as CCTV systems, electronic pulse and surveillance.

perimeter fenceOther factors you will consider are costs and designs. There are several types of fencing to choose from in the market. Clients can choose to install fencing systems made from timber, welded mesh and chainlink. Each material offers different advantages to consumers. When it comes to industrial security fencing, steel fencing is always the best option.

Installing fences made from timber is suitable if you are looking to improve appearance. However, you will require additional security measures to improve overall security. Fencing systems made from timber are suitable for homes but not for areas where high security is needed (eg. around expensive electrical equipment, industrial areas) Fitting chainlink and weld mesh wire fences is highly recommended for industrial sites and research centres. These fencing options provide high level security around the perimeter.

Perimeter fences require additional security systems to keep off intruders. Property owners are recommended to use different types of fence extensions. Fence extensions come with different designs like cranked, vertical, T-shaped or Y-shaped. Extensions keep intruders from climbing the perimeter fence. You can also reduce the chances of intruders climbing by fitting rotating tops on bars installed between posts.

Intruders might access property by digging beneath the fence. To prevent this from happening, you should consider buried fencing. This tactic prevents people from gaining access beneath the fence. You can also keep burrowing animals like rabbits off your premise. Installing electric systems on a fence is an effective way of deterring intruders. It gives a short, sharp but safe painful electric shock to intruders who touch the fence.

Electric systems are monitored to detect attempt of short circuiting, loading and cutting. These systems can be integrated with CCTV systems to provide clear visions on areas where intrusion attempts are detected. CCTV network systems provide quick alerts when intruders try to access premises. This system is effective when installed in mesh designed perimeter fence because it offers good visibility.