Mar 18, 2016 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Perimeter Fence Design

Perimeter Fence Design

Started over 20 years ago, Australian Security Fencing Ltd (ASF) is a well-known company that over the years have designed and manufactured anti-climb fencing, detection systems, and physical barriers. The security company offers complete designs and engineering services, with their main focus being on the needs of their clients, making sure that all projects meet required standards. They have a high level of expertise when it comes to, manufacturing, designing, installing commissioning projects of all kinds.

They play a huge role when it comes to the design of perimeter fence suitable for the customer or client in question. They do security barrier fences and also EDS (electronic Detection Systems. The company does possess the following unique features:

· They do Guarantee installations · They are environment conscious i.e. they don’t cause environmental degradations · Having experience of over 20 years gives them an upper hand. · High-quality fences have earned them a unique place

Australian Security Fencing Ltd serves quite a wide range of products mostly to the following clientele; schools, industrial sites/industries, prisons, sporting areas and businesses. The company deals in security electric fences, perimeter fencing, security fencing and other industrial security fencing. Some of the common perimeter fence design that the company is well known for include;

· razor tape · electrified perimeter detection · climb mesh · croc top

Razor Tape Fencing

The Razor Tape perimeter fence design is usually used as a fence topping with other high-security fencing making it more secure than when on its own. It is commonly referred to as barbed tape or razor wire. Has over time been proven to be an anti-climb barrier? The fencing is fabricated with steel blades and razor sharp making it secure. It comes in either; concertina or flat loop form. The fence is simple to install and is a visual deterrent apart from being a physical barrier. Razor Tape comes in four forms known as:

· Short barb · medium barb · ripper barb · long barb

Which are available as galvanized stainless steel or all stainless steel. Razor Tape is difficult to bring down or destroy and almost impossible to cut with normal or readily available tools, therefore, making it an ideal.

Corromesh High-Security Fencing

This type of perimeter fence has a smooth traditional and corrugated appearance. This kind of fence requires less steel during has no holes for climbing making it secure and also has spiked top to make it even more reliable security wise. The Corromesh perimeter security fencing offers a higher level of security than any other product within a similar price range while still having a pleasant appearance. This type of fencing is suitable for almost any security need or clientele.

Croc Top Security Fence

It is the cheaper option of putting up a topping on a perimeter fence it is a low-cost option but is very effective, dependable and suitable for any application .it discourages jumping over the fence and thus keeps intruders at bay, therefore, securing the compound or area.

Force field Electric Security Fencing

This is the worldwide leading invented technology of perimeter fence that has been embraced most in electric fence systems. This perimeter fencing features a full live wire fencing system, dual levels of detection, multi-zone intelligent controllers, full back up protection and high low voltage monitoring it is programmable through an LCD keypad. It designed in such way that it emits regulated pulses so that whenever it is touched the electricity gives shocks that are not dangerous per se but will ensure that one does not go back to touching it tampering with the fence, thereby securing the area.

ASF Sabra Perimeter Security Fence

This is an innovative perimeter protection system that is quite new. This system combines complex mathematical algorithms and cutting edge electronics to create a highly sensitive and sophisticated detection medium. It has multiple sensing transducers and uses cutting edge tech to keep an area safe and property safe from impostors. It is the easiest and fastest to install and monitor and can be used for any type of clientele.