May 16, 2016 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter Security Fencing

It is important for your home to always look lived in. Have electronics and lights with timers and set them to go off at various times. It’ll make it seem like someone is home. This can be a terrific method of securing your home and keeping burglars at bay. However, for better security, some homes take one step further in ensuring their safety and they observe perimeter security fencing.

At Australia Security Fencing, we produce, design and manufacture a comprehensive range of perimeter security solutions to suit your needs. We have a dedicated in-house CAD design department that allows us flexibility to respond to all our customers customized requirements, ensuring that we provide the very best solution, whether it is in timber or steel.

All our steel is of good quality and at the same time also considers outside appearance, for extra protection and our connectors are tamper-proof and vandal resistant. Like our timber fencing all our security fencing for perimeter security carries a 25 year guarantee.

Security FencingPerimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter security fencing is a superb preventative solution that guards against intruder access, acts as a significant deterrent to crime, both small-scale and large, and helps major public installations combat attacks.

While the traditional problems of old, such as break-ins, vandalism, and robbery, undoubtedly still exist, they have been joined by a range of sophisticated modern threats, such as risks to infrastructure, data theft, identity fraud and contamination.

Security fencing is a solution for the everyday and extraordinary: it protects residences from intrusion, security gates act as access control for major distribution networks and steel fencing encloses the perimeter of maximum security facilities. Whatever it is you need, security fencing delivers.

Security fencing can help you protect the biggest things of all to the smallest and most inconspicuous; steel fencing can enclose a data chip containing lucrative information, for example, or security fencing can offer access control for a large commemorative memorial in a town centre.

Another tip to go along with your security fencing is to: Cut the bushes around your home. It is important that you also focus on other security aspects other than just ensuring reliable perimeter security fencing. If someone is interested in breaking in, the first thing they are going to do is look for a place where they can hide as they try to find their way inside. If you want your yard to look aesthetically beautiful, plant flowers instead.

Keep the area directly alongside your home clear of bushes to eliminate hiding places for intruders. Although having shrubs and ornamental bushes underneath windows and along the sides of your home can be beautiful, they’re perfect hiding places for people who are trying to break-in. Keep these potential trouble spots clear, especially in front of and around windows. Consider whether your glass door panels could allow burglars into your home. It’s easy for thieves to break the glass panels so that they can reach into the home and open the door. If you have doors with glass panels, they should be secured using deadbolts that require entry with a key, replaced, or fortified.

And those concerned about the reliability of security fencing can be rest assured. The days of intimidating, outmoded fencing are gone. Today’s perimeter security fencing is sophisticated, versatile protection equipment for modern residences and facilities.

Australian Security Fencing has helped many businesses and government sites with their perimeter security fencing. One of these jobs was the Wickham Transport Interchange, which you can read more about here: