Jun 12, 2017 in Bollards, Gates & Turnstiles, Perimeter Fencing & Control
Perimeter Systems- Keeping Your Business Safe

Keeping your business safe and secure is a vital part of maintaining a business. There is no better way to ensure your business is safe than to have a well set up perimeter system. What does a well set-up system entail? What different ways can you keep your business safe?

Electrical Fencing:

One of the most well-known systems is electrical fencing. Electric technology can ensure that your site is safe from intruders, pests and more. The Forcefield systems utilise multizone controllers, battery backups, high and low voltages and can be set up with many different types of fencing. They prevent anyone from entering the property through the fences or over them by giving electrical shocks to those who come into contact with them. They can be a vital part of any system for a business. Additonally, they are widely known to help in securing agricultural based businesses, where they are used to keep livestock in and predators out.

Camera Security Systems and CCTV

Another common type of perimeter system is set up using cameras. These can be motion activated or set to record at all times. The preference is up to you and your businesses needs. These can also be helpful in ensuring your business is safe just by deterring would-be intruders who don’t want their crimes recorded.

Razar Tape – More commonly known as barbed wire.

There are also systems like the Croc Top security fencing and Razar tape. These additional features ensure no one can climb the fencing into your property. And if they try, they’ll find themselves in a lot of trouble very quickly.

Other systems can ensure that no one can climb the perimeter fencing, or gain any form of access to your property without your knowledge. You can have secure access gates, both manned and automatic ones as well dependant on your needs.

What you need depends on how you are hoping to keep intruders out and the items you are seeking to protect. A well built and maintained perimeter system can be invaluable to your business and to keep your property safe and secure. The items you deal with can help you decide what types of steps are needed or required to ensure that your business is secure.


Another key component of deciding what system works best for keeping your business safe is how much maintenance you are looking to have to do. As well as your budget. Different types of systems will have different maintenance requirements. And different systems will have different costs associated with not only their maintenance but also their installation, and initial costs. These costs though can be quickly offset by the money they are saving your business. Both on security labour, and losses from theft, vandalism and other issues that can occur in unsecured settings.

When you are ready to install a perimeter system, or if you are looking to upgrade or update your system. Our team at Australian Security Fencing is an industry leader and well-known business that would love to ensure that your business is safe and secure. Our business is the business of keeping yours safe. Give us a call or stop by today to see how we can help you.