Jun 1, 2019 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
Avoid Costly Repairs With A Scheduled Maintenance Program

Prevention is better than cure.

It’s an adage that most of us are familiar with – and although you’ve probably heard it before you can remember, it’s never been truer than in the case of security. A scheduled maintenance of your security system can help you detect any issues before they cost you dearly in repairs or an unwanted intrusion! We understand that feeling of relief you’re enjoying now your industrial fences are installed and your security system is running smoothly. However, security is an ongoing and evolving issue and too many business owners become lax about maintaining their systems.

At Australian Security Fencing we offer regular maintenance schedules that are designed to detect any problems before they become issues, ensuring that your security remains reliable and effective into the future.

Any security system is only as strong as its weakest point.  

Our routine maintenance schedules are carried out by a team of highly skilled and capable technicians. Here are 6 ways that a scheduled maintenance program can help your business avoid costly repairs:

Physical Damage to Industrial Fences

A regular physical inspection of your industrial fences can help to detect any physical damage which may have occurred, and which could cause a weak link in your security chain.  Although an excellent quality fence will withstand most environmental challenges, physical damage may occur in the event of natural disaster or an attempted intrusion.  Routine checks of your fence-line are important to ensure that your industrial fences are kept in top-notch condition.


Access Points

Access points are a super important part of your security system.  Routine inspections of controlled gates will ensure that they are functioning with maximum efficiency.  Other gates which may not be used often (such as emergency exit gates) also need regular maintenance checks: you can’t afford to have them malfunction when you need them!


Integrated software is crucial to a multi-layered security system.  And because we believe in providing bespoke solutions for our clients, who better to service your system than the team who designed it?  The team at Australian Security Fencing understands your system and can detect any software issues that could cost you dearly in the event of an attempted intrusion.  Routine testing of software will highlight any problem areas, while replacing batteries will ensure that your system is working at 100% all the time.

Peace of Mind

Worrying about inadequate security is a serious mental drain and could cost you physically.  However, knowing your system is being monitored by professionals and regularly maintained by a team that understands your security needs and goals, allows you to enjoy that peace of mind you deserve.

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