Jul 21, 2018 in Perimeter Fencing & Control
The Top Benefits Of Using A Security System With Zone Control

Whether you are in the business of selling inventory or building stadiums protecting your business’ goods against theft and vandalism is crucial. A security system could be a significant investment for your business, but when you consider the cost of vandalism and theft in terms of insurance excesses, increased premiums and potential delays to customer orders or project schedules, it really is an investment you can’t afford not to make. Not only is it vital to make the initial decision to install a security system, it is also important to choose the RIGHT security system.

One of the best options for the RIGHT security system is choosing a system with zone controls as they come loaded with a plethora of benefits to your business.

First things first…what is a zone?

In simple terms, a zone is a designated space for a sensor. Different types of sensors are then allocated to zones. When a sensor has been triggered the security system will let you know which zone has been triggered which in turn lets you know where a breach has occurred.

Benefits of a security system with zones:

  1. Risk Management.

One of the first benefits that springs to mind when thinking about zoned security systems is the ability to restrict access to areas with high-value stock or confidential information. The zoned security system is risk management 101! By minimising the temptation, the risk of theft is significantly reduced because staff or contractors are aware that certain zones are off limits. This could be a laydown yard

  1. Peace of Mind

For many businesses, operating Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm just isn’t practical; meeting client demands and project schedules can mean working weekends or even running 24 hours a day. The zoned security system can provide assurance to staff and contractors that they are safe in their work area. Whilst non-essential areas in other zones are still armed and will alert them to any shady behavior from would-be intruders, vandals or thieves.

  1. Workplace Health & Safety

Being able to restrict access to potentially hazardous areas of your operations is another perk of the zoned security system. It is particularly useful if you have a construction, warehousing or manufacturing area that does not operate the same hours as the rest of your business. This handy feature can ensure your white-collar staff aren’t going to wander into an area that contains more serious hazards than paper cuts.

  1. Economy of Motion

If your perimeter stretches further than the eye can see, then a zoned security system is for you. Australian Security Fencing can provide Advanced Perimeter Detection and Advanced Perimeter Control solutions that will distinguish between true attacks, random false alarms or environmental events. The ASF Sabra Fence® System has a colour graphical display showing the current state and alarms of each sensor. The display is overlaid onto customised client-oriented maps/images so the user can easily identify the exact location of a detected event which can economise your need for

Zoning your security system can be as simple or complex as your business needs. Many different variables can be considered when it comes to the security system. Australian Security Fencing has a longstanding reputation as one of Australia’s leading companies within the high-security fencing market. Contact us today on 1800 666 927 to discuss your needs.