As part of a NSW Government initiative to improve security across Juvenile Justice Centres, Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd have recently completed High Security Fencing upgrades at 2 of NSW’s regional Juvenile Justice facilities.The upgrades saw higher and improved fencing installed, with both Macem and Securemax® 358 products being utilised at the centres.

The larger of the centres saw an extension of the existing perimeter fencing completed. 550 metres of Macem Fencing was installed along with 60 metres of ASF’s Securemax® 358 product. The 358 was installed in an area where visibility through the fence was a requirement. The 358 mesh profile allows for a highly transparent finish to the fence line, creating minimal visual impact and allowing clear surveillance for not only the human eye but camera surveillance also. In a facility were the care of juveniles is the main priority, this feature of the 358 mesh is paramount.

180 metres of Securemax® 358 was installed, along with an scale toppings at the smaller of the Juvenile Justice facilities. Obsolete chainwire was removed from around the centres sporting facilities and replaced with the higher security 358 mesh product.

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