Securemax® Security Fencing


Location: Melbourne VIC

Our Project Partner: Decmil Australia for the Australian Government

Australian Security Fencing P/L has supplied a Securemax® 358 welded mesh fencing system to another Australian Government Immi-gration Detention Centre.

The Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation Facility, located in Broadmedows VIC has been redeveloped by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This redevelopment has increased the facility’s size by 140 beds, provided new support buildings, infrastructure and physical security measures.

Begonia City Fencing P/L was awarded the contract for the Supply and Installation of perimeter anti climb fencing and internal separa-tion fencing, with the fencing solution being designed, engineered and manufactured by ASF.

A 5.1 metre high Securemax® Heavy Duty 358 welded mesh outer fence was constructed around the perimeter of the facility, topped with a 900mm diameter drum roll to reduce climb ability and scaling. A Securemax® 358 welded mesh inner fence with a height of 4.5 metres was then installed, creating a sterile zone between the inner and outer fences and housed a vehicular sally port as well as pe-destrian entry and exit points.

Internal security fences separating compounds were installed using, once again, the anti-climb Securemax® 358 welded mesh.

Melbourne Immigration Transit AccommodationAustralian Security Fencing’s Securemax® product was specified for use at MITA for a number of reasons:

  • Securemax® Heavy Duty, exclusively manufactured by ASF, has been tried and tested to produce twice the required penetration time of standard 358 mesh, worldwide. 5.6mm high tensile vertical wires provide double the shear strength of the standard product. Requir-ing significantly larger or more high tech products to penetrate

  • Anti climb/finger proof properties- With the horizontal wires being a mere 9mm’s apart, it is impossible for an adult to climb and extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools.

  • Highly transparent finish- The horizontal apertures provide a fence line with minimal visual impact, allowing the state of the art CCTV system clear camera surveillance.

  • A robust and reliable solution was required– Securemax®, com-bined with a perimeter detection system, forms a barrier that is virtually impossible for a human to transverse without being de-tected.

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