Our Security Fencing Solutions

A security fence is intended to keep unauthorised persons and objects from crossing a boundary. Consequently, high-security fencing solutions should be designed to withstand a range of security risks. Australian Security Fencing (ASF) has been on the forefront of perimeter and security fencing for over 25 years, and has earned an esteemed reputation within the industry.

Fencing for Public Facilities

Public facilities, like parks and swimming pools, should be welcoming and aesthetically appealing. However, perimeter fencing is often required to discourage misuse, protect environmentally sensitive areas, prevent property loss, and to maintain the safety of the public and staff. Australian Security Fencing has extensive experience in designing and installing effective and aesthetically sensitive perimeter fencing solutions that secure property and protect users.

Fencing for Infrastructure

Security fences for enclosing infrastructure should not interfere with the functionality of he infrastructure itself. However, they should protect equipment and ensure the safety of staff and the public. ASF custom-design, manufacture and install security fencing solutions that meet the needs to each unique situation.

Security Fencing for Defence and Correctional Facilities

To avoid perimeter breaches, defence and correctional facilities should maintain a high level of security. ASF designs and builds high-security fencing solutions, with anti-climb, tamper-proof and anti-scaling properties that protect property and prevent unwanted entry and escape. Our work with clients like the Department of Defence and the Department of Corrective Services underlines our capacity to design and install high-security perimeter protection systems.

Commercial Fencing

Commercial fences, including warehouse and storage fences, should providing security, but should also be visually appealing and sensitive to the surrounding environment. In other words, perimeter and security fences should be both heavy-duty and attractive. ASF is dedicated to providing commercial fencing solutions that meet the specific needs of clients, and ensure ongoing property protection.

International Applications

Our strong reputation in the Australian market for delivering high-security fencing solutions has led to international demand for our products and services. We continually engage with international clients with the aim of providing high-quality fencing systems that meet the needs of our international partners.

We include security fencing case studies on our website in order to illustrate to potential clients the work that we can provide in “real life” situations. If you see a case study that reflects your own similar challenges, or if you are simply convinced that Australian Security Fencing can help you, please feel free to contact us.

Australian Security Fencing has worked on a diverse range of projects, from prisons, to bike storage, processing centers, high security gates and even electrical substations. The uses and applications for our products are limited only by the imagination of our clients.

The following case studies illustrate the wide variety of installations Australian Security Fencing has secured. Each case study highlights a specific challenge that we at Australian Security Fencing were asked to resolve. Each case study shows how we approached the problem and how we developed a professional, custom designed solution for each client.

Each of these security fencing case studies are carefully selected to reflect unique installations. You will see that each case study is broken up into 4 sections:

  • The Project – A brief overview and description of the project itself.
  • The Challenge – The specific challenges that the client was experiencing, and the desired outcome that a successful installation would provide.
  • The Solution – In this section we describe the specific techniques and products that where used to solve the clients’ stated problems.
  • The Verdict – Here we analyse our installation and verify that we met the project brief. Where possible we have given measurable results to indicate that the project was completed to the clients’ exact expectations.

We at Australian Security Fencing have been in the security fencing business since 1988 and we are proud of our history, confident in our competence and excited for our future. We hope these security fencing case studies give you the confidence to contact us for your precise and unique security fencing needs.

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