Oct 1, 2018 in Security Fencing
Vehicular Security Gates For Maximum Control In Your Business

“Perimeter defense may not matter if the enemy is inside the gates”. (Robert Mueller)

This quote is all to true…

For whatever reason, we tend to think of criminals as shady creatures dressed in black who lurk around until after dark, then pick the lock on the door or scale the fence to attack!  In reality, the stats show that your business is at greater risk of a break-in during daylight hours.  And the hardened crooks are more likely to be well-dressed and totally unsuspected!  In fact, they could be someone that just drives straight onto your property via the front gates…

Whether your business is big or small, in the city or the country, controlled access is vital to maintaining maximum security.  And as a business owner, you simply can’t be standing at every gate physically monitoring who comes and goes 24/7.  What you need is a system (or systems) to do it for you.

It’s more than just security too: controlled gates help to manage traffic flow, prevent accidents and maintain a safe and secure workplace environment.  As an employer, you are responsible to ensure that your business is safe at all times, for both your employees and the general public.

Strong Perimeter Gates

Firstly, you must have defined access points: controlled gates.  This helps to manage the flow of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic entering and provide a safe and secure exit from the property. Gates need to be constructed from tough, tamper-proof materials such as Securemax® Mesh, to achieve maximum durability and strength.  As we know, a perimeter security system is only as strong as its most vulnerable point, so ensure that your gates are robust, reliable and weatherproof.

Controlled gates are just as important inside the business premises.  They can be used to limit access to compounds where dangerous goods are stored and prevent unauthorized entry into high security zones.

Controlled Access

Gates may be secured by only allowing entry to authorized personnel.  Coded keypads, card, voice or bio-metric recognition systems are commonly used to identify users and grant entry. Data can be collected and stored as accurate records of who has entered each specific gate at any time.  In the event of theft or accident, these records are invaluable.


Wanting to take your gate security up another level? Cameras may be installed at or around the access points of your premises. This will provide real-life footage of personnel entering or any attempted break-ins.  Again, it’s hard to argue with actual evidence, so these records could save you a lot of heartache in the unfortunate event of an accident or unwanted intrusion.

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