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How To Install Turnstiles

A Compact Guide on Turnstile Installation

Turnstiles have become one of the most needed and used security systems in the world. Be it in airports, stadiums, banks, corporate offices, museums or a place where there are large crowds attracted to a specified location. Hence, it is important to either hire a professional for turnstile installation or you must understand how to install turnstiles and choose the most suitable one for your needs and requirements. Different turnstiles have different installation properties, so you need to be aware of each style properly.

If you are wondering which one suits your industry the most, following this guideline will help you make an educated decision on which turnstile would be the best suited to your business.

Why would you need to install a turnstile?

  • For security reasons – The purpose of the production of turnstiles is to provide improved and rigorous security. It helps deter and detect any unwanted or unauthorized entry.
  • Better access control – Turnstiles are incorporated in corporate buildings and alike because it helps to provide mechanisms that allow the integration of access control. The authorized person can enter by swiping a card and their entry details will be recorded in the system.
  • Flexibility & versatility – Turnstiles incorporate the technologies of barcodes, biometrics, proximity cards, and magnetic strips. Hence, not only are they flexible but the need for added security guards becomes optional.

Which Turnstile installation will suit your needs best?

There are various turnstiles and you need to choose the one that provides the best fulfilment of your requirements. To assist you in choosing the best-suited turnstile and security fencing, have a look at the turnstiles we have available. At Australian Security Fencing we have a team of professionals who are certified and trained in knowing which types of fencing would be best for the job at hand.

Installation Processes

Here is a brief guideline for how to install turnstiles.

  • Hire a Professional – Hire a certified, well-trained and well-equipped professional to get the installation done. If you decide you will do the turnstile installation yourself, be sure to follow these steps:
  • Check the Legalities – You need to check with the area access guidelines and know if it is legal to install a turnstile where you need to.
  • Unwrap and Check – After you unwrap the parts, check out the list if you have all the parts and equipment you need.
  • Follow the Manual – If you need to install it on your own, follow the provided manual book.
  • Check the Surface – It is important that the surface where you install the turnstile is even and levelled.
  • Hammer the Bolts – Hammer the carriage bolts and where there are round holes, simply tap them on the head and bolt it.
  • Drill Well – Check the cross arms. Have a framework of the barrier structure before you start drilling the alignment.
  • Concrete the Yokes – Remember to place the yokes with a support strap.

Tips to Remember while installing

To improve the security even more, you can install:

  • Card readers and keypads
  • Biometrics and cameras
  • TCP Ethernet
  • Metal detection and fire security

To conclude, if you follow the instructions well then you will have a durable turnstile installed with ease and perfection that will last long. In order to get the best product from a quality brand at a reasonable rate remember to order from a reputable company such as Australian Security Fencing. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they won’t disappoint.

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