Australian Security Fencing is proud to offer high-security and heavy-duty mesh fencing to Australian and international markets.


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Security and Durability

Australian Security Fencing manufactures, supplies and installs high-security mesh fencing that is anti-climb and anti-penetrative. The small apertures prevent would-be intruders and escapees from gripping the wire, getting a handhold, and climbing over the fence. Our mesh fencing is manufactured from high-grade and tough zinc alloy coated wire, making it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools. In addition, rear tamper-proof fixings ensure that fence panels cannot be removed from the attack side.

Our products are designed to provide the best in protection and security.

Integrated Security Systems

For maximum security, our mesh fencing can be incorporated into a perimeter protection system that can include gates, turnstiles, razor wire, Croc Top fence spikes, Forcefield electric fence systems, and Sabra electric detection systems.

Visual Sensitivity

Despite the high-durability and strength of our mesh fencing, they produce low visual impact and can be designed to be aesthetically sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Multiple Applications

High-security mesh fencing is highly suitable for a variety of applications and settings, including commercial and industrial premises, railways, airports, shipping ports, prisons, electricity sub-stations, water treatment plants, gas pipelines, factory machine guards, bridges, balustrades, and overpasses.

Design, Completion and Beyond

ASF provides comprehensive and professional service across the lifespan of the project. We design, manufacture and install custom security solutions that meet our clients’ needs, and we are committed to delivering dedicated and personalised customer service. Importantly, our commitment to your security needs goes beyond installation, and we offer ongoing service to ensure that your perimeter security system is maintained for optimal performance.