Oct 25, 2017 in Security Mesh Fencing
Chain Link Fencing – The Simple Solution To Security

Chain link fencing would have to be one of the most commonly used forms of security fence.  And there are several good reasons for that too. It’s adaptable. It’s affordable. And it lasts.
You’d hardly find a more versatile fencing product. Used in almost any application from sports stadiums to airport security, it’s a simple, yet highly effective solution to security.

So, let’s zoom in on some of the things that make chain link fencing so popular?

Value for money

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, chain link fencing is right up there.  For a relatively small outlay, you can erect a fence that’s strong, durable and exactly suited to your needs.  In the domestic setting, it’s a much cheaper option than the traditional wrought iron security fence, yet can be made attractive and add real value to your home.

Excellent security qualities

Because of the open weave nature of chain link fencing, it is excellent for security both in the industrial and domestic setting. There are no solid panels for intruders to hide behind.  It can be made to whatever height is required too and topped with extra security measures such as barbed wire if the application demands it.  In the event of somebody attempting to scale a chain mesh fence into a high-security area, the measure of difficulty encountered by the offender will generally give security personnel ample time to intercept.


At Australian Security Fencing, the materials used to construct chain link fencing are top quality. And our fences are built to last.  With varying gauge sizes for both wire and steel posts, the strength of the structure can be upped to whatever your application demands.

Wire mesh can be galvanized or zinc coated.  Aluminium chain link fencing is incredibly weather resistant, is expected to last as long as 25 years, even in harsh climates!

Flexibility of design

The design options of chain link fencing are many and varied.  With options available in the colour, mesh design, gates and fittings, your fence can make a real statement, while still providing you with the security you need.

Many business and residents are proving the benefits of chain link fencing. Sydney is just one capital city embracing some of the latest fencing designs. Here are some of the situations where chain link fencing has been proven as highly effective:

  • airport security
  • factories and industrial sites
  • government facilities
  • walkways and thoroughfares
  • residential areas

For a simple, affordable and effective solution to security, chain link fencing the way to go.  The staff at Australian Security Fencing can help design, manufacture and install a fence that is exactly what you need, and with a price tag that suits your budget.  Call our staff today on 1800 666 927 for a chat with one of our staff – let’s get your fence started!