Dec 20, 2016 in Security Mesh Fencing
Securing Your Business with a Chain Link Fence

chain link fence

For many people, as well as for many businesses, there is an acute awareness of the importance of securing the area within which you work. Perhaps you work on a construction site, or similar industrial workplace, and need to make it clear to the public that the area is off limits, or perhaps you work in an office and would simply like to keep any unwanted intruders off the premises. Security is important both for productivity and ease of employees, and is especially vital in places such as schools and government buildings. No matter what your business, however, a chain link fence can provide a means to securing your workplace and providing an all-important ease of mind.

There are, of course, many different choices when it comes to chain link fencing, but the most important aspects to consider should be how high, and how strong. In many situations, the chain link fence can form more a symbolic barrier that lets people know the area is not for the public, as well as forms a visual barrier between the job site and the outside, such as is the case with many residential yards.

In these sorts of situations, you generally don’t need to worry too much about the strength of the fencing, and height is negotiable. That said, of course you want the fence to be both functional and formfitting. Where security is of prime importance, you will want to have a fence high enough that people cannot simply climb over it. You may also want to consider getting a more durable type of fence to avoid anyone breaking through it.

Can a chain link fence be used for Privacy?

Often a large part of why people choose to install fencing is for privacy, and chain link fences are no exception. Although they are typically see through, any chain link fence can be fitted with plastics slats that fit between the wire mesh and form a visual barrier. There is also the more temporary option of using cloth to create a visual boundary, as is often seen surrounding many construction sites. Not only will these choices create privacy, but they will help insulate the area from sound, both going in or out. Alternatively, this is where landscaping and growing shrubbery will be of great benefit and not only that but add aesthetic appeal to the property or building. Growing a hedge or bushes around the perimeter will add privacy and the visual barrier you are looking for with a chain link fence.

As we can see, while security is the prime motivation for installing any kind of fencing, there are many other reasons to do so, such as privacy, noise insulation, and forming symbolic barriers. Of course, all of these are secondary to what matters most: keeping your business safe and secure. Whether you are looking to keep people from wondering into the parking lot of your office, or stop intruders from coming onto the playground of the school where you work, chain link fencing provides a neat and efficient option. To see our complete range of chain link fences click here