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Australian Security Fencing has the Expertise, Experience and Product to provide complete high-quality security systems to a wide range of commercial customers. ASF has been providing high security products to commercial customers since it’s founding in 1988. Security products to the commercial sector can range from warehouses to storage fences. ASF recognise that commercial fencing should also be aesthetically pleasing/appealing and have worked to develop our products in such a way that our clients needs are being met.


ASF has been involved in the design and manufacture of High Security systems for commercial customers since 1988, allowing us the time to develop an extensive range of expertise and industry related knowledge.

Commercial Fencing by Australian Security Fencing can range from warehouses to storage fences. ASF provides a high-quality security solution while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, attractive appearance without sacrificing the level of security. In other words, perimeter and security fences should be both heavy-duty and attractive. ASF endeavor to provide commercial fencing solutions which meet the specific needs of clients and ensure the ongoing security and protection of their property.


ASF has been involved in the supply and installation of High Security products on a commercial level since it’s founding in 1988. The ability to provide customers with adaptable products which suit their tailored needs is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack.


Our extensive product list of high security fencing/barrier products includes:

Securemax and Securemax HD: 358 anti-climb fencing up to 5+ meters in height with cowling or long barb razar tape topping as/if required.

Corromesh: Anti-Climb mesh

Razar Tape: Long barb and short barb, concertina and flat loop in all required diameters. Stainless steel and galvanized products available depending on customer request.

High Security Barrier Gates: Sliding or swing, with specialist design for entry and exit areas per customer request

Bristorm Zero Fence System: For high security barrier anti-vehicle intrusions with PAS rating for stopping an 80tonne vehicle at up to 80km/ph. This fence is ideal for a site which there is a possibility of vehicular intrusion.

PAS rated retractable and static bollards: These are the ideal answer for protection of entry areas to warehouses or other commercial areas such as sporting facilities and other areas which are not intended for vehicular access

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