Designers and Manufacturers of a Wide Range of High-Security Perimeter Products

Integrated Security Fencing Systems

Security Fencing Project ManagementASF design, manufacture and install perimeter security systems that integrate heavy-duty:

ASF takes a project-management approach to designing and installing fully integrated systems that are custom-build to client specifications.

Bollards, Anti-Ram Barriers & Boom Gates

Retractable BollardsASF have a range of products for both non-hostile and hostile vehicle management. Control vehicular traffic flow with boom gates and sliding gates, and protect high asset targets from hostile vehicles using embedded and retractable bollards.

Razor Wire and Fence Spikes

Razar Tape Security FencingFence toppings like ASF Razar Tape and Croc Top offer a visual deterrent and a physical barrier to existing fences. They can also be incorporated into a comprehensive perimeter security solution.

Industrial Gates and Turnstiles

Security TurnstilesTurnstiles and gates provide designated entry and exit points and control vehicular and pedestrian traffic passing through an area. These structures prevent people and vehicles from entering unwanted areas and they help to control flow.Our Securemax® vehicle and pedestrian gates are made from premium grade galvanised steel to achieve maximum strength, robustness and reliability.

Security Mesh

Corromesh security meshAustralian Security Fencing manufactures a unique anti-climb and high-security wire mesh that can be used in multiple applications, including fences, gates, balustrades, bridge guarding, safety screens and other barriers

  1. The contemporary Corromesh® security mesh gives a smooth traditional corrugated appearance while maintaining the strong security characteristics of an anti-climb mesh fencing product.
  2. Securemax® is a unique Australian made high security fence system providing an anti-climb, anti-penetrative barrier that is second-to-none. In addition, it has a virtually see through appearance that will blend into the surrounding environment.

Trusted in Australia for Over 29 Years

Australian Security Fencing is a major player in the security fencing industry – specialising in high-security fencing, hostile vehicle management, electronic perimeter detection, and integrated perimeter protection.

From customer specific design to high-quality manufacturing and certified installation, Australian Security Fencing has won the trust of prestigious clients such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Alliance, Department of Defence, Sydney Water, Railcorp, RTA, Mercedes Benz and many more.

Australian Security Fencing was established in 1988, and is one of the few companies that design and manufacture high-security fence systems within Australia. Locally supplied raw materials allow Australian Security Fencing to guarantee that the products we produce are of the highest standard and conform to Australian and European standards.

Australian Security Fencing are endorsed by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).

ASF take a “whole-of-project” approach, creating fully integrated perimeter security solutions for industrial and commercial application.

Infrastructure Fencing

Australian Security Fencing has a high level of experience and expertise when it comes to designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning projects of all kinds.

Perimeter Security Systems – What To Consider

Australian Security Fencing offers complete design, engineering and support services, focused on the needs of our clients, and ensuring all projects meet required standards.

About ASF

Australian Security Fencing is a major contributor to the design and manufacture of high security anti-climb fencing, anti-ram barriers, and detection systems.

Australian and International Markets

Australian Security Fencing has experience in manufacturing for export markets across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Australian Security Fencing provides in-depth training, support, management, commissioning of systems and audits for our local and overseas customers.

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