Securemax 358 Mesh Fencing

Securemax 358 Mesh Fencing

Securemax 358 Panels

Securemax 358 panels are manufactured in Australia using heavy (high tensile) zinc alloy wire. Securemax is manufactured using 4mm horizontal wires at 75mm centres and 4mm vertical wires at 13mm centres.

Securemax panels provide an anti-climb, anti-cut solution with minimal componentry. The 358 rectangular profile provides a highly transparent finish to the fenceline with minimal visual impact, allowing clear line of site for surveillance.

Securemax panels are manufactured in a range of sizes (height and width) to suit customer requirements. Refer to product data sheet located on our website for stock sizes, along with made-to-order sizes available.


Securemax 358 Coatings

Securemax 358 panels are manufactured from 95% zinc, 5% aluminium zalcote wire, providing the ultimate level of corrosion protection – outlasting regular galvanised wire products by 2-3 times.

The 95% zinc, 5% aluminium coating has been tried and tested to withstand the harshest Australian environments.

Securemax panels are also available in a premium polyester powdercoated finish to suit customer environmental, architectural and commercial requirements.


Securemax 358 Applications

  • Utilities Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Transport Facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure


Key Features

  • Proven performance
  • Engineered structural framework
  • Guaranteed weld strengths
  • Attractive and discreet appearance
  • Unique double edge-wire system