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Razar Tape

Razar Tape® is a tried and proven anti-climb barrier that comes in either concertina or flat loop form.It is easy to install and acts as a visual deterrent as well as a physical barrier. ASF Razar Tape® is available in three profiles: ShortBarb, Medium Barb and Long Barb and are supplied in galvanised or stainless steel.


  • Prisons
  • Factories & Industrial Sites
  • Military Installations
  • Refineries
  • Government Buildings
  • Government Utilities
  • Airports
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Police Stations


Razar Tape® Security Fencing, otherwise known as Barbed Tape or Razor Wire is fabricated with razor sharp steel blades. It is a strong visual determent to any perimeter intruder, but the design creates a physical barrier that is extremely difficult to climb. Razar Tape® is particularly difficult to crush or trample and is almost impossible to cut without specialized tools – and even then, it is a slow dangerous job. Razar Tape® adds a highly effective additional barrier to your security fencing system.

Razar Tape® is available in four Profiles: Short Barb, Medium Barb and Long Barb. There are four hook barbs, die-cut every 25mm and cold clenched around a high tensile spring steel core wire. The barbs are close so that they prevent any hand hold and are designed to rip into all forms of clothing.

ASF Razar Tape® is available in two configurations: Flat Loop and Concertina.
Flat Loop Razar Tape® is supplied as individual clipped loops of short barbed tape suitable for attaching directly to fence tops parallel to the fence line. It is suitable for security situations where there can be no overhang fencing into adjoining properties or where a neat flat appearance is desired. Flat loop is ideal as a gate topping and can also be attached directly to the inside of fences to increase their cutting resistance and security.

Concertina Razar Tape® is formed by clipping adjacent loops of a single coil to one another at regular points around the circumference. When extended, this forms a cylindrical pattern & limits the extension of the coil giving it integral strength, eliminating the need for supporting cables. The hardened spring steel core wire reinforces the self-supporting barrier, making it extremely difficult to cut and ensures that the concertina Razar Tape® will remain effective as a security fence for many years.

Razar Tape® security fencing is commonly used as a fence or wall topping, or in conjunction with other high security fencing such as Securemax – a high-security, anti-climb mesh fencing system. Razar Tape® is attached directly to a fence line or surface via a “V” or “W” Mesh profile with specialised clips and ties available from ASF. Alternatively, ASF Croc top® can be used as an attachment point and has the added benefit of extra deterrence and protection.

Razar Tape® security fencing has gained the reputation of being a low cost and effective high security fencing product, and it can be stored in a compact condition ready for use.

ASF are industry leaders in high-security fencing and perimeter control systems. Our experienced and highly-qualified team will offer you a comprehensive and professional service. Contact us today to secure your property!

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