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ASF Turnstile Benefits:

  • Designated Entry & Exit Points
  • Control of Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic
  • Help to control traffic flow
  • Fully designed to meet site requirements

ASF supply and install a range of security turnstiles for both indoor and outdoor use. Our full height turnstiles are designed for security protection whilst maintaining a stylish appearance. They can be manufactured to enforce one-way or two-way pedestrian traffic and can be installed in a wide variety of situations including public transport stations, parks, and gardens as well as in retail and commercial buildings. In addition, turnstiles can be integrated into a larger perimeter protection and traffic management system, with Securemax® fencing, Corromesh® fencing and high-security rapid vehicular gates and bollards.


How Turnstiles Operate

Make access control effortless with turnstiles – also known as baffle gates. These devices allow one person to pass through at a time, using tokens, barcodes, magnetic stripes, or RFID for restricted entry. Ideal for paid access locations like public transportation, offices, and stadiums, turnstiles offer secure and efficient entry management. Plus, with the ability to create one-way traffic flow, turnstiles enhance security and minimize the risk of injury. Upgrade your access control system with the power of turnstiles.

Maximize your revenue and enhance security with turnstiles. These devices offer a reliable way to track and verify the number of people entering a specific area, eliminating the need for manual counting by staff. This means stadium owners can accurately determine attendance at events and make informed decisions to improve promotional efforts. Turnstiles also provide an extra layer of security, allowing authorized personnel to clearly view each attendee, ensuring only authorized individuals enter the area. This makes it easier to confiscate prohibited items and diffuse potential conflicts. Upgrade your revenue generation and security with turnstiles.

Turnstiles Installation - Security Turnstile Gate

Find a Turnstile for People with Special Needs

Ensure equal access for all with manual or wide-aisle gates. While standard turnstiles may pose difficulties for wheelchair users and others, every location should provide an alternative option. Full height and waist-high gates designed for handicap access not only reduce admission time, but also eliminate the risk of discrimination and embarrassment for those with disabilities. Make your location accessible and welcoming for all with these specialized gates.

Effortless and secure access with optical turnstile systems. These systems provide barrier-free access while accurately tracking individuals both entering and exiting the area. Perfect for high-traffic locations like airports and shopping malls, where individuals may be carrying bags and unable to navigate traditional turnstiles. Equipped with advanced security features, access control software ensures that only authorized individuals are granted passage.

Security Turnstile Gates for Unique Environments

Maximize crowd control with mechanical or electric turnstiles and gate systems. These systems are increasingly in demand for access control and security and are found in a variety of settings, including subways, arenas, military installations, government buildings, corporate offices, warehouses, retail stores, and festivals. Whether waist-high or full-height, these devices effectively manage pedestrian traffic and provide a secure and efficient solution. Enhance your crowd control with mechanical or electric turnstiles and gates.

When it becomes necessary to grant passage to people individually rather than in groups, a gate or turnstile handles this task. Different styles, configurations, and add-on security features are used to create the ideal system for the environment. This equipment represents a significant investment so it should be both durable and easy to use.

Australian Security Fencing is an industry leader in perimeter protection and high-security fencing. Our team has a strong focus on protecting people and property. Please contact us today to discuss our security gate and turnstile solutions!

Why Use Turnstiles? The Smart Way To Control Traffic Flow

Running or managing a public institution, sports stadium, or high-traffic area requires efficient control of public access to specific areas. To achieve this, you may be considering installing security fencing, perimeter fencing, gates, and turnstiles. But why choose turnstiles over other options? Despite their widespread use in high-traffic areas, the benefits of turnstiles are not always evident. Turnstiles offer a smart and effective solution for managing the flow of people, making them an essential component of a comprehensive crowd-control strategy.

Controlling the Flow

Effective crowd management is critical in high traffic areas where people may gather haphazardly without proper guidance. While perimeter fencing can be installed, it’s the manner in which these barriers allow entry and exit that determines the smooth flow of traffic and the successful operation of events, institutions, or public spaces. Proper entry and exit management through smart design is key.

A well-functioning sports stadium requires effective crowd management. Without clear entry and exit points, the public can become a disorganized mob in the lawns and other restricted areas. Turnstiles play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and preventing chaos. Perimeter, barrier, and security fencing that emphasizes the use of turnstiles at entry and exit points, in conjunction with gates, is essential in maintaining control and avoiding disorder.

The Benefits of Using Turnstiles

Turnstiles themselves represent an excellent point of both entry and exit in these situations. Consider the following advantages of using them:

  • Control: Due to the way that turnstiles are designed, they only allow the entry or exit of one person at a time. This naturally promotes an organised line-up of people, thus controlling both the physical and psychological.
  • Monitoring: Because only one person at a time can enter a facility, building or other institution, they can quickly be monitored by security for prohibited items. This is essential in stadiums and other publicly accessible areas where keeping a tight hold of security is vital to the safety and well-being of other patrons. Similarly, if it is necessary for management to keep track of how many people enter an area, a modified turnstile can keep an accurate count for later analysis.
  • Payment: A turnstile accepting tokens or coins for entry can actually save money under certain conditions, unlike a gate which requires staffing for accepting payment. Customizing the turnstile to accept pre-purchased coins, tokens, or tickets is both efficient and cost-saving.

Fencing plays a crucial role in various public spaces, sports venues, government facilities, and other structures that allow entry to large crowds. Proper fencing can regulate the movement of people into designated areas and prevent access to restricted zones. Our team has the expertise to assess your requirements and recommend effective traffic management strategies, offering customized solutions.

Where to Buy Turnstiles

Simplify your turnstile buying experience with this clear and easy guide. With multiple options available, finding the perfect turnstile has never been easier. Whether you want to control traffic flow, ensure security, or accept payment, turnstiles offer a stylish and effective solution. Start by assessing your needs and determining the best type of turnstile for your needs – waist-height or full-height. Then, explore the various styles and options to find the one that fits your style. .

Discover the ultimate turnstile solution with Australian Security Fencing. Our all-in-one package includes expert manufacturing, professional installation, bespoke design, and ongoing support. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for separate suppliers and installation specialists. Our team of experts will assess your needs and provide customized recommendations for traffic flow control, security monitoring, or paid entry. With us, you can enjoy seamless turnstile purchasing and installation, followed by reliable technical support. Upgrade your security system and simplify the process with Australian Security Fencing. Order now!

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