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ASF Turnstile Benefits:

  • Designated Entry & Exit Points
  • Control of Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic
  • Help to control traffic flow
  • Fully designed to meet site requirements

ASF supply and install a range of security turnstiles for both indoor and outdoor use. Our full height turnstiles are designed for security protection whilst maintaining a stylish appearance. They can be manufactured to enforce one-way or two-way pedestrian traffic and can be installed in a wide variety of situations including public transport stations, parks, and gardens as well as in retail and commercial buildings. In addition, turnstiles can be integrated into a larger perimeter protection and traffic management system, with Securemax® fencing, Corromesh® fencing and high-security rapid vehicular gates and bollards.


How Turnstiles Operate

A turnstile – sometimes called a baffle gate – allows one person passage at a time. It can be used to restrict passage to individuals inserting a token or scanning a barcode, magnetic stripe, or radio-frequency identification (RFID). This makes turnstiles suitable as an entry-point to paid access locations, such as public transportation stations or to office buildings or stadiums. A turnstile is sometimes used to create one-way traffic flow that makes it easier to secure a location and reduces the chance of injury.

Turnstiles also serves a function from a revenue perspective because they provide an accurate and verifiable count of the number of people passing through an area. Without requiring staff to count tickets, stadium owners know exactly how many people attended an event. These statistics help them determine when attendance is dropping so they can increase promotional efforts. Security personnel ensure that everyone who gets through the doors is authorized to be there, and they have a clear view of each attendee, making it easier to confiscate prohibited items or diffuse potential altercations.

Turnstiles Installation - Security Turnstile Gate

Find a Turnstile for People with Special Needs

Wheelchair users and others may have difficulty using a standard turnstile. Every location should have at least one manual gate or a wide-aisle gate for these individuals to use. Special full height and waist-high gates are designed for handicap access, reducing admission time and preventing handicapped individuals from experiencing any potential discrimination and embarrassment.

Optical turnstile systems feature barrier-free access while providing two-directional counting abilities, so people are tracked when both coming and going. This equipment is ideal for airports, shopping malls, and other locations where individuals are typically laden with bags and are unable to navigate a traditional turnstile or even a gate. Access control software is equipped with multiple security features to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not pass through the area.

Security Turnstile Gates for Unique Environments

Mechanical and electric turnstiles, and gate systems, are commonly found in subways, arenas, military installations, and even government buildings. Due to the increased need for access control or security, they are becoming increasingly common in corporate offices, warehouses, retail stores and at festivals. Whether waist high or full height, this equipment controls crowds of pedestrians.

When it becomes necessary to grant passage to people individually rather than in groups, a gate or turnstile handles this task. Different styles, configurations, and add-on security features are used to create the ideal system for the environment. This equipment represents a significant investment so it should be both durable and easy to use.

ASF is an industry-leader in perimeter protection and high-security fencing. Out team has a strong focus on protecting people and property. Please contact us today to discuss our security gate and turnstile solutions!

Why Use Turnstiles? Control Traffic Flow in a Smart Way

If you run or manage a public institution, sports stadium, or other high traffic area, it is more than likely that you have a need to control public access to certain areas. You may be thinking of having security fencing, perimeter fencing, gate sand turnstiles installed, but are not too sure of the benefits. In fact, you might be asking: why use turnstiles? The use of gates, turnstiles and fencing is common in these high traffic areas, but their benefit and purpose is not always clear.

Controlling the Flow

In high traffic areas, people can gather without direction if they are not guided smartly. One can have perimeter fencing installed, but the way that these barriers permit entry and exit is actually vital to the efficient flow of traffic, and ultimately, to the efficient running of the event, institution or other public area.

Consider the example of a sports stadium. Without adequate fencing featuring clear entry and exit points for pedestrians, the public simply become an unfocussed mob milling about on lawns and possibly in other areas where they should not be. Perimeter, barrier and security fencing that draws attention to entry and exit points through the use of both gates and turnstiles is a great way to control the flow of traffic and ensure that chaos doesn’t take over.

The Benefits of Using Turnstiles

Turnstiles themselves represent an excellent point of both entry and exit in these situations. Consider the following advantages of using them:

  • Control: Due to the way that turnstiles are designed, they only allow the entry or exit of one person at a time. This naturally promotes an organised line-up of people, thus controlling both the physical and psychological.
  • Monitoring: Because only one person at a time can enter a facility, building or other institution, they can quickly be monitored by security for prohibited items. This is essential in stadiums and other publicly accessible areas where keeping a tight hold of security is vital to the safety and well-being of other patrons. Similarly, if it is necessary for management to keep track of how many people enter an area, a modified turnstile can keep an accurate count for later analysis.
  • Payment: Under certain conditions, a turnstile that accepts either tokens or coins before a person is permitted entry can actually save money. By contrast, a gate will typically have to have someone staff it so that they can accept money for entry. A turnstile that has been customised to accept either coins, tokens, or tickets that have been pre-purchased before the event, is both efficient and potentially cost saving.

Fencing is an essential feature of many publicly accessible areas, sports stadiums, government institutions, and other buildings where large numbers of people are permitted entry. Fencing the right areas can maintain an organised flow of people into permitted zones and away from zones that should not be accessed. We have the experience to discuss your needs and to suggest ways of controlling traffic flow and coming up with unique solutions.

Where to Buy Turnstiles

There are many different options for turnstile purchasing, and it is best to have an idea of what your need are before you buy. You can purchase directly from the manufacturer, and there are many companies to choose from, with all available styles from which to make a selection. Certain manufacturers may or may not provide installation, however, and labor is definitely something you should keep in mind, as it will affect the overall costs. The best option would be to research a few different manufacturers and decide which one is best for you.

For Australians, one of the best options is right here, at Australian Security Fencing, where manufacturing, installation, design, and support are all rolled into one. This means that you will have direct access to specialists who can help you assess your needs, whether it be traffic flow control, security monitoring, or paid entry. Once you’ve figured out what you need, you will have immediate access to the manufacturing and installation of turnstiles, as well as gates and fencing. Once you’ve had everything installed, you will also have access to technical support for any problems you may encounter.

As we can clearly see, there are many options as to where to buy turnstiles, all with their own varying benefits, ranging from style to installation and services. Whether you are looking to control traffic, monitor individuals, or accept payment for entry, or create a more secure area, turnstiles provide an elegant and effective solution. The first thing you should do is assess your needs and decide whether a waist-height, or full-height turnstile would be more appropriate, and then examine the various styles and options to determine what suits you best. Once these prerequisites have been met an examination of the various purchasing options can effectively be made.

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