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Securemax 338

Key Features

  • A smaller aperture welded mesh for the security market
  • An ultimate barrier against attack – reduced climb ability
  • Unique double edge wires for superior security
  • Anti-cut, anti-climb, finger proof mesh
  • Guaranteed weld strengths beyond European standards
  • Engineered post and rail systems
  • Galvanised and high-quality polyester powder coated finishes available
  • 100% Australian made


“Australia’s Leading Brand”

Securemax®, Australia’s leading brand of 358 mesh is manufactured in Australia by Australian Security fencing Pty Ltd, NOT IMPORTED like most other 358 meshes on the market. Many 358 products are re-branded for marketing purposes. Securemax is 100% Australian Made in our state of the art manufacturing facility located in NSW, Australia. We utilize only the best Australian Made One Steel wire to ensure a high quality security product.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing: attractive and discreet high security fencing system providing a low impact visual appearance perfect for unobstructed camera surveillance
  • Security: anti-cut, anti-climb
  • Performance: Securemax 338 is manufactured from high tensile, low carbon steel to produce unparalleled performance
  • Edge Wires: Securemax 338 mesh sheets have additional edge wires for maximum security around the edges/fixing points
  • Bespoke Systems: Australian Security fencing can incorporate engineered, designed solutions and structural framing for your project


  • Securemax 338 is manufactured in Australia under a controlled quality and testing regime. Securemax 338 is made from heavy (high tensile wire) welded mesh.
  • Securemax 338 is manufactured from 4mm horizontal wires at 10mm centres, on 4mm vertical wires at 75mm centres.
  • All wires are One Steel’s Zalcote high performance wire.
  • Securemax 338 features a toe and finger proof, anti-pass through mesh aperture. Excellent anti-cut and anti-climb characteristics resist breeching and vandalism.
  • Unlike other security fence systems, Securemax 338 restricts vermin and pests whilst providing peace of mind that toddlers and children are safe within.
  • The Securemax 338 fence system is available in either


  • Panels are fabricated from Zalcote zinc alloy wire for ultimate corrosion protection.
  • Zalcote (95% zinc 5% aluminum) wire is tested to withstand harsh environments up to 2 times greater than hot dipped galvanizing.
  • Fence panels are also available in premium polyester powder coated colours to suit your environmental & architectural requirements.

Securemax Fence Posts, Rails & Fixings

-Securemax 100 UC- 14.8kg per metre-

100 UC Posts are recommended and available for fences 2.1-3.6m high

Engineered solutions are available for higher fences

-Securemax 4mm Rails-

Securemax Top and Bottom rails are available as a standard rail, a double punched rail for the addition of Razar Tape or a Croc Top Rail


Panels are fixed to the posts and rails using M8x30 Bolts, Securemax Security Washers and Shear Nuts as nominated centres

Securemax Gates

A range of pedestrian, single swing vehicle and double swing vehicle gates are available to suit your requirements.


A full 12-month warranty is provided on all Securemax fence systems

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