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Corromesh 358 Fencing

When you want a fence or gate that’s super strong, super resilient and super good to look at, Corromesh fencing is the way to go!  It’s anti-climb properties, contemporary design, and strong security characteristics have made put Corromesh® 358 right up there with the best in high-security mesh fencing products.

Australian Made

Corromesh® 358 has been designed and manufactured by Australians, for Australians.  In fact, this is one of Australian Security Fencing’s signature products!  It has been specifically developed by skilled technicians, to be almost impossible to penetrate using traditional hand tools.

Key Features

  • Strong, Durable, Modern Design
  • Unique 358 Fencing System
  • Anti-cut, anti-climb, finger proof mesh
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Corrugated for maximum security
  • Outperforms other fencing systems
  • Galvanised and high-quality polyester powder coated finishes available
  • 100% Australian made


Corromesh® Fencing 358 Wire Mesh – The Highest Level In Anti Climb Technology

Anti Climb Technology

Corromesh® 358 fencing and gates are extremely difficult to climb.  Because the fence panels do not require horizontal support beams and the mesh itself is corrugated, there is minimal chance for foot or hand grips.  And, topped with a further anti-invasion strategy such as razor wire, it presents a nasty and intimidating challenge for any would-be invaders or escapees!

Aesthetically Appealing

Not everyone who needs a high-security fence wants their property to look like a jail.  And that’s probably one of the main reasons that Corromesh® 358 is so popular.  It’s stylish and modern, as well as being a tough barrier to penetrate.  The traditional, corrugated appearance somewhat misrepresents its strength. However, the open mesh effect allows it to blend well into the surrounding environment.  It is available in either Zalcote or a huge range of colored powder coat finishes, which means that it can be integrated beautifully into your landscape design.

Benefits of Corromesh Fencing

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: attractive, secure and discreet fencing system providing low impact visual appearance
  • Security: anti-cut and anti-climb
  • Unique Design: Corromesh panels have unparalleled strength due to the 3 dimensional corrugated profile. Based around a 358 mesh pattern, the corromesh maintains its anti-cut, anti-climb, see through characteristics

Coating for Corromesh Fencing

Panels are fabricated from Zalcotte zinc alloy write for ultimate corrosion protection

Zalcotte (95% zinc 5% aluminum) wire is tested to withstand harsh environments up to 2 times greater than hot dipped galvanizing

Fence panels are also available in premium polyester powder coated colours to suit your environmental & architectural requirements

Corromesh Fencing Panels

Corromesh 358 is manufactured in Australia under a controlled quality and testing regime. Corromesh is made from heavy (high tensile wire) welded mesh, which is then pressed to achieve its unique corrugated pattern.

Corromesh is manufactured with 3.15 horizontal on 4mm vertical Zalcotte, high performance wire.

Corromesh features a toe and fingerproof, anti-pass through mesh aperture. Excellent anti-cut and anti-climb characteristics resist breeching and vandalism.

Unlike other security fence systems, Corromesh restricts vermin and pests whilst providing peace of mind that toddlers and children are safe within.

The Corromesh fence system is available in a range of heights; 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm

Corromesh Fencing Posts & Fixings

-Corromesh SHS Fence Post-

Posts and caps of either 65x65x2.5 or 75x75x2.5 are recommended and available dependent on the height of the Corromesh fence system.

Panels are fixed to the posts using Corromesh U Clips and Security screws at nominated centres.

-Corromesh CHS Posts-

Posts and caps of either 40NB or 50NB are recommended and available dependent on the height of the Corromesh fence system.

Panels are fixed to the posts using Corromesh U Clips and Security screws at nominated centres.

-Corromesh Post Security Channels-

For medium and high security applications, Corromesh Post Security Channels are recommended. These U shapred security rails protect the edges of the mesh panel, top to bottom at both ends, preventing fixings or panels from being removed from the post.

Corromesh Post Security Channels also provide ease of installation in that fence posts can be installed without the panels due to greater tolerance.

Corromesh Fencing Panels

A range of pedestrian, sliding and swing vehicle gates are available and suit your requirements.


A full 12 month warranty is provided on all Corromesh fencing systems.

The Latest And Strongest Wire Mesh Fencing On The Market Today

Wire mesh fencing is a prominent type of fencing with undeniable benefits. It allows light and wind to penetrate while also allowing clear visibility for people to keep an eye on their property or stock. Being able to see through the fence is an obvious security benefit as it doesn’t provide a barrier that potential intruders or thieves can hide behind.

Mesh fencing is a great alternative to wooden fencing and is useful in countless different applications as we will examine below. A wire mesh fence is a fence made with from reinforced wire mesh and can be topped with barbed wire if required. Wire mesh fences are used to keep people and animals in or out of the fenced area, depending on your need and the fence design.

Why We Use Corromesh Fencing

Corromesh fencing gives a smooth corrugated appearance while providing higher strength protection than the best chain link fencing. Risk based requirements are effortlessly achieved from this fencing system that is flexible enough to allow a variety of configurations.

Corromesh Wire Mesh fencing is made with the highest quality Australian wire and coated with Zinc Alloy. This gives the fence superior resistance to corrosion and rust, allowing you to get the maximum life span from your fence. It’s ideal for both marine applications, and the harsh Australian climate.

The Corromesh fencing that Australian Security Fencing employs, grants a high security barrier that is impossible to climb or cut. The sheets are extremely lightweight and exceptionally rigid. They’re manufactured to provide maximum strength while still allowing a high level of transparency and providing superior aesthetic appeal.

The ease of installation due to innovative design means you save money on installation costs, as well as allowing us the flexibility to affix the panels at any length or height required.

Don’t put your security at risk any longer. Call Australian Security Fencing to protect your business on 02 4577 9633 or email

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