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Personal protection is an extremely important consideration in the Transport Industry.

Both physical property and personnel need protection from external attack as well as external areas needing protection from vehicles and moving freight inside of the property. ASF has been solving similar problems for transport customers over a number of years and the need for high security products across the transport industry has never been greater.

Australian Security Fencing uses the same high-quality level of technology across all industries, the technology used to protection transport properties is the same as we would use for Department of Defence sites, electricity sub-stations, gas storage facilities, airports and rail yards.

The transport industry has varied needs for perimeter security. It could be as simple as a small deterrent for vandalism or graffiti or possible far more serious such as vehicular attack and cargo theft. ASF has a wide range of suitable products for both situations. From high-security anti-climb fencing and razar tape to retractable and fixed bollard systems, security boom gates, sliding security rated gates and state of the art turnstile systems.

Public Transport parking facilities is another major area in which personal protection and vehicular security is extremely important. ASF has been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of security fencing, boom gates and bollard systems in rail, airport and bus terminal parking for decades.

ASF’s wide range of products allows us to critically examine a problem and provide a high quality security solution for whatever threat may be coming.

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