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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

Nemtek’s electric fencing solutions have become the products of choice for, and are being specified by, many governments, local authorities and industries to protect defence infrastructures, correctional facilities and utilities.

Nemtek’s success has been achieved by:

  • Its continuous innovation, resulting in unique, trailblazing and often patented products and technologies
  • The reliability and efficiency of the Nemtek products
  • Its fast response to the ever-changing market and customer needs
  • Its unparalleled customer service and the continuous support and close working relationships it fosters with its customers

This brochure offers you an overview of the electric fencing products that Nemtek designs and manufactures, including a comprehensive range of electric fencing energizers and a complete range of electric fencing hardware. There are Nemtek products available that can reliably address many different types of fencing needs ranging from residential, retail and commercial, to airports, power stations, prisons, defence facilities and other utilities. Nemtek’s unbeatable experience in the security field has revolutionised the design of game and animal farm energizers. These energizers now offer security features and communication techniques, to not only keep animals in, but to also effectively combat the theft and injury of animals by poachers. For more details and information on Nemtek products, visit

The Reason for using an Electric Fence – Detect, Deter and Delay

When a physical barrier, such as a wall or a fence, is combined with an electric fence it will deter attempts to infiltrate the protected perimeter. The electric fence delivers a high voltage shock that is non-lethal to the potential intruder. The Nemtek electric fence energizer has a detecting feature, which produces an alarm when the protected perimeter has been breached or tampered with. By using an electric fence, the attempted break-in of the protected area can be delayed giving additional time for a reaction team to respond to the breach.

Nemtek Famous Brands

  • DruidTM energizers
  • WizordTM energizers
  • Merlin StealthTM energizers
  • SageTM management systems
  • FenceScopeTM fence tool
  • Nemtek Agri
  • Omega brackets
  • Modulus brackets

Nemtek’s innovative culture has resulted in the company filing for many patents and trademarks around the world to protect its intellectual property and inventive spirit.

Nemtek Service Support and Training

Nemtek offers support and advice for customers’ security needs. This includes our expert advice on the design of your fence and choice of hardware and electronics. Nemtek also offers full training courses at all its branches. Training at many other international destinations is provided through Nemtek partners around the world.

High security

Nemtek manufactures all its products with high security in mind but certain sites require different types of high security solutions.

The Nemtek range of products can be integrated with other technologies such as cameras. These high security sites can also be remotely accessed and monitored with the Nemtek solutions. Our vast experience in these types of sites in many different parts of the world have made Nemtek a trusted source for products and knowledge to address most high security needs.

These sites include prisons, airports, naval bases, border fences, embassies, mints and money distribution points.

Government facilities and critical infrastructures need to be protected. Power distribution facilities, water reservoirs, transport depots, pumping stations and gas pipelines are some of the types of utilities that often need to be protected, as disruptions or interferences can cause large-scale implications for governments, cities and the community as a whole.

In many instances protection is required to prevent harm to individuals by stopping them from gaining access to sensitive or dangerous areas such as train depots or even electrical transformers and electrical distribution areas.

The Nemtek range of hardware, software and energizer design will ensure that a reliable security solution is available for these infrastructures.


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