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Pas68 Bollards

  • Range of RAL Colours – anti-corrosion protection with high zinc powder coating
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel sleeve
  • Reflective band
  • Emergency extraction that over-rides the safety procedures
  • Bollard movement siren/flasher
  • Additional safety and control loop detection
  • Traffic signals
  • Boom gates and access control
  • High level interface
  • Antifreeze system down to -50°C


High Security Retractable Bollards 

The PDT1200 high security bollard is a robust and highly secure measure of protection from terrorist attacks or vehicle born attacks. Tested to PAS68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90:7.1/0.0, the PDT1200 bollard can withstand impact from a 7.5T truck travelling at 80km/h. The PDT1200 comes in two forms: Automatic and Manual-Assisted. Automatic retractable bollards incorporate the use of a linked access control system eg. Swipe card. Manual assisted-lift retractable bollards are controlled by a pneumatic system that enables ease of operation. With the use of a key, manual assisted bollards rise and fall from the ground and are locked into place with minimal effort. 


  • Range of RAL Colours – anti-corrosion protection with high zinc powder coating
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel sleeve
  • Reflective band
  • Emergency extraction that over-rides the safety procedures
  • Bollard movement siren/flasher
  • Additional safety and control loop detection
  • Traffic signals
  • Boom gates and access control
  • High level interface
  • Antifreeze system down to -50°C


  • Dimensions (mm): Ø275 Height = 900mm
  • Material: High-resistance steel
  • Treatment: Heat galvanized body (casing and bollard head)
  • Cylinder: Simple-effect, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Electro-mechanical
  • Standard operating temperature: From 0 to 50°C
  • Extracting time: From 2 to 4 seconds
  • Retracting time: 2 to 4 seconds
  • Protection rating: IP67 (sealed against dust and protected
  • from any immersion effects)
  • Power supply: 415VAC three-phase—Compressor
  • Total weight: 630 kg per bollard

Removable & Fixed Bollards

Tested to BSI PAS68 or IWA 14-1 the Bristorm Impeder Bollards are the highest security bollard offered in the UK. Available in a variety of performance levels, the Impeder bollard allows you to alleviate the vehicular threat perceived in a specific location. Impeder bollards are ideal across all vulnerable locations as they have a guaranteed level of performance.  

Type Vehicle (KG) Speed (mph) Impact Angle Standard Performance Rating Penetration Major Debris
Impeder 30 7,500 30 90 BSI PAS 68 V / 7500 / 48 / 90 : 0.0 / 0.0 0.0m 0.0m
Impeder 30 shallow 7,500 30 90 BSI PAS 68 V / 7500 / 48 / 90 : 0.0 / 0.0 0.0m 0.0m
Impeder 40 7,500 40 90 BSI PAS 68 V / 7500 / 64 / 90 : 3.3 / 0.0 3.3m 0.0m
Impeder 50 7,500 50 90 BSI PAS 68 V / 7500 / 80 / 90 : 10.6 / 11.1 10.6m 11.1m
Impeder 50 HD 7,500 50 90 BSI PAS 68 V / 7500 / 80 / 90 : 0.8 / 18.1 0.8m 18.1m
Impeder 50 Shallow 7,200 50 90 IWA 14-1 V / 7200 / 80 / 90 : 3.0 3.0m 20.6m

Product Features

  • Economical option for short lengths of perimeter
  • Can integrate with other Bristorm products
  • Shallow mount versions available Immobilises attacking vehicle
  • Ability to withstand subsequent encroachment
  • Certain models available as removable
  • Under 1m penetration version available
  • All galvanised as standard – EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Stainless steel or powder coat finishes available – see Bristorm Street Furniture

Learn More About Security Bollards

Safety bollards mark boundaries; protect assets; direct traffic; they restrict access. Simply put, a bollard is a short, strong pole that is designed to hinder vehicle access. It also protects buildings and high-security areas and helps prevent accidents. They’re a common sight in malls, public car parks, around roadworks and outside government buildings and banks. Bollards have become a part of modern landscape and architecture, and are available in various colours, sizes, and styles. Whether you need them as a temporary measure or a permanent fixture, there’s a bollard to suit your needs.

When security is at stake, you simply can’t compromise on quality. And that’s why at Australian Security Fencing, we pride ourselves in supplying only the best: Australian-made products that are designed to last. Hostile vehicle mitigation bollards are reliable safety products for asset protection, especially when it comes to businesses.

How are bollards rated for efficacy?

The K rating is a system of evaluating the ability of a structure to withstand an assault. A K-rated bollard is a type of security barrier used to protect against vehicular impact. They are typically made from high-strength concrete, steel, or plastic, and are often filled with concrete or sand for added weight and stability. A bollard with a K12 rating can withstand the impact of vehicles weighing up to 6 tonnes travelling at approximately 80 kph.

Bollards are a component of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) system which is a security measure used to protect people, property and high-value assets from being struck by a vehicle. In the event of a hostile vehicle attack, bollards are particularly effective as there are several methods in which a vehicle can be used during an assault. Most commonly a vehicle is driven directly at a target, such as a building or populated area. Another method is to use the vehicle as a weapon by crashing into other vehicles or objects which will cause a major distraction while attackers can carry out their plan.

Bollards can serve as a hostile vehicle mitigation system without needing an assault to occur. Creating a physical barrier using different types of bollards can increase safety by impeding vehicle access and protecting pedestrians.

How to Install Bollards

You will see below that not all bollards are the same, so their installation process also differs. Generally, they are installed in two ways, either they are embedded in the ground using concrete or anchored to the surface using an internal locking mechanism or screwed into place.

Bollards are placed for optimum visibility; you may have seen at shopping centres the parking bollards are usually around one meter high and brightly coloured.

What is the difference between permanent and removable bollards?

A permanently fixed bollard is a more heavy-duty style and is installed in strategic places for the highest level of security and protection.

Removable bollards are useful for high-traffic areas such as footpaths and driveways where perimeters need to be established and maintained but still require access. Removable bollards are a great option for you.

We Use Government Approved and Certified Permanent & Removable Bollards

While they may not be able to withstand as much force as a permanent fixture removable bollards are still generally made of stainless steel bollards and are an effective way to protect assets and guide traffic and pedestrians without compromising on ease of access.

Types of Bollards

Know your options

Now that you know some of the mechanisms behind bollards, to help you determine what type of bollard will be best for your security system, whether they be a permanent inclusion or one of our removable bollards, let’s take a closer look at some of the different types and their uses:

Embedded Security Bollards

When ‘No Entry’ really means NO ENTRY, embedded bollards are the way to go. These carbon and stainless steel bollards are installed below ground level and provide solid and long-term protection against vehicle activity.

Stainless steel bollards

Stainless steel bollards are used extensively to defend high-security facilities and government buildings against ram-raiding tactics.

The risk of ram raids becomes a lesser concern when you have the right preparation and equipment to deal with it.

We are Number 1 for Service & Quality

Embedded bollards are also a common sight outside public buildings or in parking lots. In these situations, the bollards protect property and assets from unintentional damage and provide safe walking areas for pedestrians.

What can they be used for?

They can be used to boost the street appeal of premises as well as provide maximum protection.

Retractable Bollards

There are many situations where both security and regular vehicular access are important. Retractable bollards – either automatic or manual – provide a physical barrier to the general public but can be retracted to allow access to authorized personnel and vehicles.

This type of bollard is commonly used to protect government facilities, military and defence bases, commercial building entrances and public parking lots.

External Locking Bollards

When short-term perimeter control is needed, external locking bollards are the answer. These types are removable bollards. Public events and roadworks are two examples of situations where this bollard style is ideal. They provide a strong but temporary barrier to guide traffic and pedestrians and are easily removed once the need has passed.

Security is Our Top Priority

Here at Australian Security Fencing, security is our top priority. We offer a range of bollards to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a permanent solution or something from our removable bollard range. Our bollards are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last. We also offer a range of different types of bollards to suit your specific needs.

Contact us

If you’re looking for a security bollard to protect your property or assets, we have the perfect solution for you. Call us today on 1800 666 927 to find out more about our bollards and how we can help you keep your property safe.

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