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Australian Security Fencing has the Expertise, Experience and Product to provide complete protection for both the public and vital Infrastructure Equipment in the Utility stations across Australia. With over 1000 sites supplied and installed in all states of Australia, ASF is without doubt the leader in this important area of perimeter barrier protection of our Utility sites.


ASF has been involved in the design and manufacture of high security barrier fencing products since it’s inception in 1988. In 2000, ASF saw the need for a more secure fencing system than regular chain wire and developed the complete 358-weld mesh anti-climb fencing system, Securemax. This product has since been used to protect numerous Utility sites all around Australia. Since the change in Utility fencing specification came into being, Securemax has proven to be the leader in anti-climb fencing with various heights for sire specific requirements. The ASF manufacturing complex in Western Sydney has expertly designed machinery for the manufacture of the complete Securemax fencing system for individual Utility providers requiring their own individual specifications.


ASF has been involved in the supply  and installation of High Security barrier fencing for 15 years with a comprehensive and impressive list of projects as seen below:

Country Energy: Substations across NSW

Western Power: Substations across WA

Sydney Water: Water treatment works and associated sites

SA Water and Electricity Sub Stations

Telecommunication towers and repeater stations across rural NSW and ACT

Queensland Rail Electrical Substations and yards


Our product list of High Security Fencing / barrier products includes:

Securemax and Securemax HD: 358 anti-climb fencing with standard height of 2.4 to 5+ metres with cowling or long barb razar tape topping as required.

Corromesh: Anti-climb mesh is used in lower security Utility substations.

Razar Tape: Short barb, concertina and flat loop in all required diameters. Stainless steel or galvanised finishes available as per customer requirements.

High Security Barrier gates: Heavy duty, automatic or manual, sliding or swing, with specialist design for entry and exit areas to all Utility sites.

Bristorm Zero Fence System: For High Security barrier anti-vehicle intrusions with PAS rating for stopping an 8tonne vehicle at 80kmph. This fence is ideal for dangerous sites where there’s a possibility of vehicle intrusion. This falls under our product description as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation which is becoming more relevant to the Utilities sector in today’s society.

PAS rated Retractable and Static Bollards: An extensive range which is the ideal answer for protection of entry areas to substations or other infrastructure sires where there is a risk of unwanted vehicle access.

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