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Australian Security Fencing has the Expertise, Experience and Product to cover a variety of High Security Fencing to Correctional facilities. ASF has been supplying High Security Fencing to high and low security institutions since 1988. Security fencing to Correctional facilities can be as diverse as High Security Prisons, Immigration Detention Centres, Mental Health facilities and Juvenile Detention Centres.


ASF has been involved in the design and manufacture of High Security barrier fencing products since its inception in 1988. Starting with Electronic Detection Systems then moving into the design and manufacture of the 358-weld mesh fencing system, Securemax. This product has been used across Australia and Asia Pacific region over the past 15 years. It has proved to be the leader in anti-climb fencing with heights of 5m+ and various toppings. The Australian Security Fencing manufacturing complex in Western Sydney has expertly designed machinery for the manufacture of Securemax mesh, post and rails. The complete system comes from this state-of-the-art complex.


Australian Security Fencing has been involved in the supply and installation of High Security barrier Fencing for 15 years with a comprehensive and impressive list of projects as listed below. These projects have all required a high degree of experience as well as site installation ability. This is where Australian Security Fencing excels. With experience and in house manufacturing we can design or make specialist changes to our standard designs to suit individual projects as required. Villawood Correctional Centre was a good example of this as we were able to adjust and change product to suit the client’s needs and expectation. Australian Security Fencing has Experienced personnel and inhouse manufacturing equipment to achieve the exact site requirement. Australian Security Fencing were chosen from many other competitors for this important project because we had the Experience and Expertise to achieve the required product on time and budget!


Our product list of High Security Fencing / barrier products includes:

Securemax and Securemax HD 358 anti-climb fencing up to 5+ meters in height with cowling or Long Barb Razar Tape topping as required.

Corromesh Anti Climb mesh is used in lower security correctional Centres for internal divisional fences. Most recently at Dillwynia women’s prison for important

Razar tape Long Barb and Short Barb, Concertina and Flat Loop. All required diameters. Stainless steel and galvanised products available depending on site requirements.

High Security Barrier gates, sliding or swing, with specialist design for entry and exit areas to prisons and other correctional centres.

Bristorm Zero Fence System for High Security barrier anti- vehicle intrusions with PAS rating for stopping an 80ton vehicle at 80kph.

An extensive range of PAS rated retractable Bollards for entry and exit areas to detention facilities

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