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Corromesh Goes Green Gas

Jemena has recently completed construction on the Western Sydney Green Gas Project (WSGGP). The WSGGP is Australia’s most comprehensive hydrogen fuel study.
Over the next 5 years green hydrogen will be injected into the NSW Gas Network at the Horsley Park site, testing the development of affordable energy storage.

The existing low security Chain Wire fencing required upgrading in order to meet modern day security requirements and comply with the level of perimeter security now expected on this style of commodity site.

ASF were requested to provide fencing designs and options to meet the high security needs of Jemena’s gas project.

Our Corromesh 358® High Security Corrugated Fence System was selected and specified. Its anti-climb and anti-cut properties along with its non-obtrusive appearance made it an excellent choice for this site, and many others.

Aesthetically, the Corromesh® 358 fence system affords a very low visual impact. This is important on projects where a clear line of sight is needed for both the human eye and security cameras monitoring for trespassers and high risk activities.

Jemena selected to install a 3 metre high fence system. This consisted of 2.4 metre high, powder coated black, Corromesh® fence topped by a 550mm diameter, galvanised, concertina Razar Tape® product.
The Razar Tape® topping is not only a substantial visual deterrent but an intimidating physical barrier- adding a second level of protection for the high risk site it is securing.

The typical Corromesh® 358 Fence System does not include top and bottom rails. The corrugations in the Corromesh® provide substantially more rigidity than a standard straight mesh, making rails redundant and therefore providing a cost saving in both material procurement and site installation whilst still providing the same level of performance, durability and longevity.

In other fence systems it is the top rail that any fence toppings would be attached to. ASF have been able to overcome the need for a top rail whilst still being able to adapt a Razar Tape® topping to the fence system. Our Corromesh® sheets are bent at the top, providing an easy anchorage point for concertina Razar Tape®.

Access to the Horsley Park site was completed by the installation of 7.5 metre long, high speed, automatic, tracked vehicle gate. Again, this was designed and manufactured by ASF in our South Windsor fabrication facility.

The Corromesh® 358 High Security Fencing System has proven itself to be a very popular and successful attribute to Gas, Power and Water facilities alike.

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