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Security and Durability

Australian Security Fencing manufactures, supplies and installs high-security mesh fencing that is anti-climb and anti-penetrative. The small apertures prevent would-be intruders and escapees from gripping the wire, getting a handhold, and climbing over the fence. Our mesh fencing is manufactured from high-grade and tough zinc alloy coated wire, making it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools. In addition, rear tamper-proof fixings ensure that fence panels cannot be removed from the attack side.

Our products are designed to provide the best in protection and security.

High Security Fencing Solutions Available for Your Facility

Securemax 358 Mesh Fencing

Securemax®, Australia’s leading brand of 358 mesh fencing is manufactured in Australia by Australian Security fencing Pty Ltd, NOT IMPORTED like most other 358 meshes on the market. Many 358 mesh fencing products are re-branded for marketing purposes. Securemax is 100% Australian Made in our state of the art manufacturing facility located in NSW, Australia. We utilize only the best Australian Made One Steel wire to ensure a high-quality security product.


Securemax HD Mesh Fencing

Securemax HD mesh fencing is manufactured in Australia under a controlled quality and testing regime. Securemax HD is made from heavy (high tensile wire) welded mesh and manufactured from 4mm horizontal wires at 13mm centres, on 5.6mm vertical wires at 75mm centres. All wires are One Steel’s Zalcotte high performance wire and are available in a range of heights from 2100mm to 4800mm.

Securemax HD mesh fencing features a toe and fingerproof, anti-pass through mesh aperture, excellent anti-cut and anti-climb characteristics for maximum resistant against breeching and vandalism.

Unlike other security fence systems, our Securemax HD mesh fencing restricts vermin and pests whilst providing peace of mind that toddlers and children are safe within.


Securemax 338 Mesh Fencing

Securemax 338 is manufactured from high tensile, low carbon steel to produce unparalleled performance with additional edge wires for maximum security around the edges/fixing points. Australian Security fencing can incorporate engineered, designed solutions and structural framing for your specific project. The Securemax 338 panels are fabricated from Zalcote zinc alloy wire for ultimate corrosion protection and are tested to withstand harsh environments up to 2 times greater than hot dipped galvanizing. Also available in premium polyester powder coated colours to suit your environmental & architectural requirements.


Corromesh 358 High Security Fencing

Corromesh 358 is an attractive, secure and discreet fencing system providing low impact visual appearance that have unparalleled strength due to the 3 dimensional corrugated profile. Based around a 358 mesh pattern, the corromesh maintains its anti-cut, anti-climb, see through characteristics.

Corromesh is manufactured with 3.15 horizontal on 4mm vertical Zalcotte, high performance wire and is available in a range of heights; 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm.

Corromesh panels are fabricated from Zalcotte zinc alloy write for ultimate corrosion protection and tested to withstand harsh environments up to 2 times greater than hot dipped galvanizing. Also available in premium polyester powder coated colours to suit your environmental & architectural requirements.


Supamax 556 High Security Fencing

Supamax 556 high security fencing is a heavier line wire and cross wire designed as the ultimate defence against attack: NATO tested for guaranteed Penetration Times and delays. Supamax 556 is Sydney Trains approved with double the shear load, effort and time required to penetrate the vertical wires. Its unique double edge wires provide superior security plus anti-cut, anti-climb, finger proof mesh features with guaranteed weld strengths beyond European standards.


Palisade Security Fencing

ASF offer a form of high security palisade fencing which is straight steel pale profile with a curved pale top on the attack side. Our Palisade security fencing are available with triple point, single point or flat pale top options. The design is robust and manufactured to withstand intruders.


Australian Security Fencing is proud to offer high security fencing solutions to Australian and international markets

Multiple Applications

High-security mesh fencing is highly suitable for a variety of applications and settings, including commercial and industrial premisesrailways, airports, shipping ports, prisonselectricity sub-stations, water treatment plants, gas pipelines, factory machine guards, bridges, balustrades, and overpasses.

Design, Completion and Beyond

ASF provides comprehensive and professional service across the lifespan of the project.

We design, manufacture and install custom security solutions that meet our clients’ needs, and we are committed to delivering dedicated and personalised customer service. Importantly, our commitment to your security needs goes beyond installation, and we offer ongoing service to ensure that your perimeter security system is maintained for optimal performance.

Integrated Security Systems

For maximum security, our mesh fencing can be incorporated into a perimeter protection system that can include gates, turnstilesrazor wire, Croc Top fence spikes, and all other types of perimeter protection.

Visual Sensitivity

Despite the high-durability and strength of our mesh fencing, they produce low visual impact and can be designed to be aesthetically sensitive to the surrounding environment.

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