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5 Things To Remember When Installing Turnstiles

Throughout your life, you’ve used turnstiles dozens of times without really thinking about it.  Perhaps you were entering a concert, a railway station or an airport.  Have you ever stopped to consider why turnstiles are so important and used so frequently?  Turnstiles offer advantages such as reduction of staff numbers, better utilization of manpower and improved security and access control.  The following considerations will help you get the most out of your turnstile.


What Kind Of Turnstile Do You Need?

If you feel that your business requires additional security in the form of a turnstile, the best thing to do is evaluate your needs and determine which type of turnstile you need.  Swing gate style turnstiles are used for single or multi directional access and allow entrance and exit through the same gate.  Drop arm turnstiles spin as the user enters and are typically operated by using a ticket or card.  Full height turnstiles act like a revolving door and offer enhanced security.

Do You Need To Control Access?

A common way to increase security is to restrict access to entry and exit points.  A simple solution is to add card or biometric readers and electric locks to the doors.  By using this method, turnstiles can limit the number of people who enter and exit and control the direction of passage.  This can work in conjunction with doors, camera and other security equipment to ensure only specific individuals are admitted entry.

Disabled and Manual Access

Used in conjunction with turnstiles, pedestrian security gates allow authorized access to the handicapped and disabled or anyone who may not be able to enter via turnstiles. Australia has strict anti-discrimination laws and by considering such access you are not only protecting vulnerable people’s dignity also your own company from potential legal issues.  There are a number of solutions available which don’t compromise security access.  These can be used as stand-alone gates or configured to compliment a security turnstile and rail system.

Will You Need An Audit Trail?

Modern technology has allowed turnstiles to be integrated with access control software.  This is useful for monitoring access and identifying at-risk individuals.  It can provide information about times and dates cards were swiped, and software can be programmed to allow only one pass every two or three minutes per access card.  It can also provide information on numbers of times a turnstile has been used and other useful information.

Do you require vehicle access?

Vehicle access may be required in some circumstances to allow emergency vehicles to enter and exit, or to allow staff vehicle access.  These can be vertical pivot lift gates, sliding gates or parking control gates so it’s best to talk to your contractor to determine which system is best suited to your needs.

If you’re considering improving your security access with turnstiles, Australia has one of the world’s leading security companies, Australian Security Fencing available to assess your security needs. Check out our huge range of fencing options on our website or Call them on 02 4577 9633.

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