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Securing Your Family Home, 3 Important Things to Consider

Everybody wants to feel as safe and secure in their homes as possible. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to install a fence that adds adequate security to your home. The days of this being a difficult task have since long gone, it is easier than ever! There are many things to consider when attempting to choose the right fence for your home. Here we will highlight just a few of those to get you started so that you can choose your security implementations with more confidence.


One of the first factors you should always consider is, can you see through the fence? Are there any blind spots around your perimeter that would allow someone the advantage over you? Transparency will almost always eliminate any potential hiding spots that burglars could be lurking behind. These types of fences often attract intruders and leave your home more vulnerable. Usually going with some sort of metal fencing with horizontal rails will be the best bet when trying to secure your home.

Not Easily Scalable

The last thing you want is to go through all the time and spend all the money to secure your home, only to have someone be able to just climb right over your perimeter. Intruders see fences that are easily scalable as an easy target for them. This problem is easily fixed by implementing a couple things such as:

  • Having less horizontal bars so that feet can’t wedge between them.
  • Making sure your fence is tall enough, at least 8 feet.
  • Having spiked, razored, or pointed tips at the top.


The security fence that you choose should obviously be as durable as possible. There is no use in a security fence that can’t handle what it’s up against. But how do we optimize the fencing so that it is next to unstoppable? Some common tips would be:

  • Make sure the fence is securely held to the ground with a substance like concrete. This will reinforce the ground, eliminating the opportunity for an intruder to tunnel under your perimeter.
  • Most fences, if not built with full security in mind, are very easy to cut through. Your fence should have bars or some kind of metal mesh that is not easily snapped in two.
  • One of the best ways to better add security to your fence is to install a gate of some sort. Today, there are many options and some that even allow you to completely operate your security system (including your gate) with your smartphone.

If you are considering adding more security to your home, these tips should get you on a good start to making the best decision that suits your needs. Installing a top notch security fence doesn’t have to be a difficult and troubling task anymore. Click here to find out more information about the steps you need to take to get started having more peace of mind in your home.



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