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Designing a Fence to Suit Your Property

Your home says a lot about you as a person. From the style of the building, the colours it incorporates, to the gardens out front. Everything tells those who pass by something about your likes and your personality. Your fence should be no different. The fence design needs to play not only to your personal likes, but to your home’s style as well.

Fences come in as many different options as homes themselves. They come in different materials, different colours, and different heights. With so many options it may be difficult to determine which fence design works best.

A few things to consider:


The height of your fence is a personal preference, as well as a community preference. Some areas will have rules and regulations in place as to how tall the fence can be. Using a professional fencing company like ours at Australian Security Fencing means that this part is taken care of. We can advise you of height limitations or regulations for your area to ensure your fence complies and can be a permanent fixture to your garden.

Level of security:

How much security you are seeking from the fence will also help determine the design. Are you looking for something that ensures your animals and children are secure, or are you looking for a fence that will help will curb appeal alone? Do you want a fence that blocks the view from the roadway, or a more open one that serves as fencing without blocking sight-lines? Depending on what you are seeking from your fence will determine which one is best for you.

Upkeep and Maintenance:

Another consideration when it comes to fence design is upkeep and maintenance. Some fences can go long times without any need for fixing or maintenance, others require regular upkeep. The degree of upkeep you are seeking can help you to determine the material you are wanting, as well as design.

Curb Appeal:

Curb appeal can be another major factor to consider. Do all your neighbours have chain-link? Do you want to blend in with your fencing style or stand out? What styles do you see in the properties around you, and do you want your fence to match or be a custom one of a kind creation.

No matter the fence design you decide upon, Australian Security Fencing is here to meet your needs. Come in and meet with one of our team and let us help you choose the right fence for your home, custom or otherwise. Or, if you’re still not sure of what would work best, call us at 02 4577 9633 and let us make your dream fence a reality.



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