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Adaptability of ASF High-Security 358 Mesh ‘Securemax’

Australian Security Fencing has long been Australia’s largest manufacturer of 358 high-security welded mesh fencing. As we continue to grow into arguably the largest manufacturer and supplier in the Southern Hemisphere, the market in which we serve continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Securemax 358 is rapidly being specified across the board for a wide variety of applications Australia Wide; 

  • Correctional Centres 
  • Railway Corridors 
  • Data Centres 
  • Bridges 
  • Utilities 

The installation of a state of the art, welded mesh manufacturing facility throughout 2020/21 has allowed ASF to better service this ever-growing market and opened a wide array of markets/applications which we are now in the position to provide the highest level of quality, service and pricing available.

A particularly interesting market which we here, at ASF are noticing rapid growth in, is the installation of 358 in bridges, particularly pedestrian access bridges and overpasses for motorways. Securemax 358 is becoming the ‘Go-To’ product for Roads and Maritime Services and Sydney Trains for bridges, overpasses and railway corridors due to the following features; 

  • Anti-Cut, Anti-Climb Technology 
  • Anti-Pass Through Technology 
  • Extensive Breach Times 
  • SCEC Endorsed Product 
  • NATO Tested Product 
  • Guaranteed Weld Strengths of 450MPA 
  • Weld Strength Testing Available Per Batch 

For all 358 enquiries, please contact our Sales Team on 02 4577 9633 or


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