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The Best Fencing Contractors In Australia

Australian Security Fencing (ASF) is a premier manufacturer and installer in the Australian high security fencing market.  From our beginnings, we have a deep passion for security fencing that drives everything we set out to achieve.  ASF have been leading the fencing industry for 25 years due to our passion for technology and commitment to providing quality products. Our dedicated team can provide a solution to any security fencing requirement and our teams are committed to the delivery of projects on time and within your budget.


Check Out Our Services

ASF are unique from other fencing contractors because we offer complete design and engineering services.  This allows us to provide constant continuity in our products along with quick access to data and effective communication between teams during all stages of your project.



Australian Security Fencings design and engineering staff have over 20 years of experience designing their own manufacturing machines and various security products.  Because they are in constant communication with our each other this allows equipment and design alternations to be made quickly and efficiently, to ensure the product matches to your exact requirements.



Our manufacturing department works closely with our design team to meet our customers’ needs.  We only use the latest in technology and materials and are committed to providing quality and long lasting products.  Our ability to provide you with samples help us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products and gives you a greater understanding of the end product you will receive.



Our installation team is made up of experienced professionals.  The high quality workmanship and completion of your project on time and within budget are key indicators of our companies’ performance.  Our installation team has the experience to handle any type of installation, over flat or angled ground and are available to work on any type of project, anywhere in Australia.


Technical Support

Australian Security Fencing provides a fully comprehensive service.  We are able to perform a complete security risk assessment, ensuring all blind spots and future vulnerabilities are covered.  We also provide comprehensive handovers and training in the systems we install to make sure you are fully aware of its capabilities and to maximize its usefulness.  We can also handle any maintenance or upgrades that you may require as all our staff are trained in the most efficient methods of working, safe installation and the lately technology on the market.



We are able to provide a solution to any fencing requirement.  We design and manufacture heavy duty mesh, Razar tape, mesh fencing with anti-climb and anti-cut properties, electric fencing in a variety of configurations, perimeter control modules and software options, and gates and turnstiles.  We have previously completed projects for defence and correctional institutions, government utilities and infrastructure, warehouse and commercial storage sheds and a whole host more.


Work with the best fencing contractors in the business!  Call Australian Security Fencing to discuss your security requirements on 02 4577 9633 or email


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