Preventing a home invasion- 3 things you can do now.

Your home should be your own private sanctuary.  It’s a place to raise children, entertain friends, celebrate special events and generally relax and enjoy life.  As a home owner, you have every right to feel comfortable and secure in your own home; to enjoy a party without worrying about unwanted intruders; to sleep easy at night with that peace of mind that your property is protected against would-be thieves.  And in the perfect world, that would be so.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we don’t live in the perfect world.  And, like it or not, there are those undesirable characters that would take advantage of the opportunity to break into your property.   So it’s your job as a homeowner, to protect yourself and your family by taking necessary security measures.

Where better to start than the boundary fence?

  1. Install a good security fence

The fence around your property is like the mote around your castle.  It’s important and it pays to have a good one.  A security fence doesn’t have to make your house look like a prison either – there are plenty of decorative designs that will really enhance the look of your property while protecting you from danger.

Consider installing a fence with an electric gate.  This will give you far more control over who comes and goes from the property because access is limited to authorised personnel.  You can even open and close it from inside the house!


  1. Install an alarm system

A home alarm system is a huge deterrent to a thief.  However, there are a few things to note when installing your alarm system:

  • If your front door has glass panels, DON’T install the keypad where it is visible to somebody standing at the door. If you forget to set the alarm, it’ll be horribly obvious from the
  • Consider windows that are likely targets – over the kitchen sink, bedrooms and the study. Also, windows that are not visible from the street or to neighbours.  A good security company will make sure these windows are covered by the alarm system.
  • Advertise the alarm system on the outside of the house – it’ll act as a warning to those considering your property as a target.
  1. Tidy up your yard

Don’t tempt a burglar!  Those expensive toys your children leave lying around the yard give undesirables a pretty fair idea of your income bracket.  And that new lawn mower you left out overnight will show them what you can afford and give a fair clue as to what kind of things will be inside the house.  Solution?  Tidy up.  Don’t leave bikes, remote control toys or sports equipment lying around where it’s easily visible.  Make sure your power tools, gardening equipment and any other valuables are put away in a locked shed.

At Australian Security Fencing, we understand and share your concerns about safety.  Your protection is our priority and the good news is we’re here to help you start your journey to a safer and more secure property.  Call us today on 02 4577 9633 for a chat with one of our professional staff and let us help you create that peace of mind you so badly need.